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Bryan Vu!! We had a contest to design a logo for our street team, The Advance Guard, and after pouring over TONS of submissions we've decided on Bryan's logo!

Now, we have to give an Honorable Mention to Dan Spomer who originally designed every piece of this logo when he made THESE for us:

Honorable Mention doesn't even cover how awesome Dan is. Dan gets the "You Really Fucking Rock" Award. Pardon my profanity. I couldn't contain myself. 

If you look at Bryan's Logo, you see that it uses all our logos to make one sword (totally Voltron). IFD loved this because it's as if the Advance Guard has it's own unique weapon. We also enjoyed the whole "with our powers combined" feel about it.  

IFD has decided to host this contest every year, since the submissions were so awesome! So Bryan's logo will be the Advance Guard Logo for 2010! Next April we will have another, so PLEASE don't give up. Start thinking about new ideas.

Keep in Mind:
We found that we like simplicity: clear lines and limited colors (easier for printing). 

So congrats to Bryan Vu!! We are setting up a store on CafePress.com that you all can get a shirt or mug or whatever you want with the logo on it. ALSO if everyone who entered can tag themselves in their logo submission, it would be a great way for other AG members to contact you if they want your logo on a t-shirt. 

Word. Congrats Bryan!





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Dani said:

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Bryan's logo was my favorite!

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