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The Life of a Normal

I logged in to blog just now and it told me my last blog entry was Feb. 11. Terrible. Unacceptable. 

Gearing up for tour and recording the album, for me, doesn't involve a lot of gearing up at all, really. Brian flies to LA or New York, writes some songs, sends them to us and we write our parts. Lately it's rare that I see the whole band in the same room. When I do see band, we're in Bill's basement and usually there are only a few of us there at a time. I'm starting to feel...normal. 
I'm 24 living in Chicago, working at an English Pub downtown, just like so many other people. My fiance is on tour with a children's theatre in New York and I've found great homes with friends for my bunnies, so I have our place to myself. I wake up, work out (or teach spinning which I do 2 times a week), shower, put on my blacks, take the train to work, list the soup and sandwich of the day to uncaring diners, take the train home, put on a sweatshirt, eat dinner while I watch Battlestar Galactica (which has become my current obsession...a problem really) and go to bed. That is a typical day for me. 

Meanwhile, I get text messages from Bill that say we're on scrolling on the top of the homepage of MTVmusic.com (wrong picture too....sucks to be Packy and Chad) or emails from our manager, J.J., about crazy stuff that I'm not at liberty to speak of. It is all completely surreal. I read all of this usually while I'm at work, put my phone back in my apron (probably shouldn't have my phone on me at work....) and then run a fish and chips and club sandwich to table 32. They ask for mayo. I get them their mayo. WHAT?! WHAT IS MY LIFE?! 

Despite all of the monotony of waking up, going to work, and then coming home, I really hold on to the exciting stuff that's brewing. I've called Brian (who in currently in LA writing) twice now needing to hear updates on things, just to remind myself that I Fight Dragons actually exists and I'm not crazy. I feel crazy. Often. 

This feeling, I expect, will stick around for quite some time. It will change slightly, but I bet money that in 2 months when we're on tour you'll read a blog from me that will say "There are thousands of people watching our show every night....WHAT IS MY LIFE?!" I'm soaking it up. Loving it? Ehhhh not so much, but I am very aware that I will look back on all of this fish and chips MTV nonsense fondly. 

Tomorrow I get to see (some) band!! Mike Mentzer, who was our original Green Lantern, is playing a free show at the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue tomorrow night (Friday) and a few of us are going. THEN Tally Hall and Jukebox the Ghost at Lincoln Hall with Mr. William Prokopow, and THEN hanging out with our new tour manager/awesome guy Charlie. Really looking forward to that. 

Well, I'm off to return to my life of normalcy. Tonight's agenda: dinner with my best friend and then I'm going to catch The Gentlemen's Club at the Darkroom on Chicago. 

I miss band. 




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Will Sexy said:


Always nice to hear about the going-ons in IFD-land. Keep 'em comin, Lady Laura!

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