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Female Fans of IFD

A few weeks ago, I was looking at the Insight stats for IFD's facebook page and saw that 80% of our fans were male, and a mere 20% were female. 

No seriously?! WHAT IS THAT?! I sent out a tweet about it, asking for the ladies to represent and I got a reply with the letters FFIFD

Female Fans of I Fight Dragons. 

I thought it was cute. I liked it. 

THEN JUST NOW I got a tweet from the same lovely lady, Rebecca, that said:

@bkinney71---- @LadyLauraG I made this for you. Hope you like it. :-) http://pbckt.com/pd.Q1kKHr"


So ladies, if you love IFD (and I know you do!), make this your profile picture on facebook or whatever social networking site you love and recruit other ladies! We need to represent!!!!

Rock out.


PS- I'm getting my powerglove tattoo tomorrow!! photos to come!



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Dani said:

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I am a female, I love IFD, but I kinda hate pink. So I'll try to get more ladies to listen to IFD, but I might skip the icon thing... can you forgive me?

Larry said:


Good luck with the awesome tattoo!

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