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...But She's Got A New Hat!

Hiya, Packy here.

Bill, Chad, and I spent the past week in Urbana, Illinois (Bill's and my old collegiate stomping grounds) re-mixing Cool Is Just A Number. We weren't remixing in the DJ/mixtape sense (although my friends Punky Fresh just made a groovy dance re-mix of Money you should check out) - we were making some tweaks and adjustments to the original EP mixes for the sake of improving their overall sonic awesomeness.

So you may ask, "But Packy, why would band be doing such a thing? Re-releasing the EP seems repetitive, not to mention redundant." It may look to some of you that we're just putting a new hat on Mailbu Stacy, but there are some good reasons for this. One is that both band and label want to make the tracks sound as sweet as possible in order to properly take over your local radio station. Also, now that we're going on tour as big fancy fat-cat major-label sellouts, we need a new version of the EP that reflects our partnership with Photo Finish. This also means the EP is going to have some new artwork/packaging, and just may include an extra song on it just for fun. Perhaps a newer, improved-er version of Don't You...But don't take my word for it!

We worked at Private Studios in Urbana with Jonathan Pines, a highly respected engineer who has an impressive client list including Headlights, Of Montreal, and Wilco. Chad and I especially had a great time hearing Jon's stories about Wilco and gawking at the gear they used around the studio to make some of our favorite records. It may sound dorky, but it's pretty cool knowing that your music has shared circuitry with that of your heroes.

And the new mixes sound great! The tracks overall sound like a cloud has been lifted off them, giving them better clarity and detail. We also tweaked the drum, bass, and chiptune tones to give them some more low-end body and general bangin'-ness. I think the improvements are most apparent in Money - when the chorus hits it's simply massive!

Now, don't think for a second that we're getting lazy and re-hashing the same 5 or 6 songs over and over again. During all of this EP stuff we've also been writing and demo-ing some KILLER new songs that we can't wait to lay on you...but we have to wait, because we enjoy teasing you.

Until next time!



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