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A Childhood Merger Come True

Heyo, Packy here. As you probably know, IFD has just signed with Atlantic Records! This is a colossal step forward in the band's path toward world domination, and we are SUPER excited to take this ridiculous 8-bit operation to the next level. But I think it should be known that this isn't the first time I have worked with Atlantic Records...

You see, when I was a kid I had a record label myself. True story. We were called Lightning Records. Our focus was on re-mastering and distributing back-catalog titles, especially on vinyl.  Our vinyl pressing process was as follows:

1. Take a paper plate from the kitchen
2. Cut out and discard the outer ridged area of the plate, leaving the flat center area.
3. Draw a circle in the center of the disc, and write in the track listing.
4. Vigorously black out the rest of the disc with a Sharpie
5. Poke a hole in the center with a pencil

Here's our logo as I imagined/drew it, brought to life with my paltry Photoshop skills:


After a successful run of vinyl releases (the White Album and "Sing, Sing, Sing," listed as "The Chips Ahoy Song" being our best-selling), Lightning got into the "Compact Disc" market. We became especially interested in re-releasing Led Zeppelin II on CD, but that required cooperation from Zeppelin's label, Atlantic Records


Offers were made, deals were struck, hands were shaken, and the two labels had agreed to a joint venture re-release of Zeppelin II. Our graphics department combined the lighting bolt with the hurricane-looking swirl next to the Atlantic A, and Tropical Storm Records was born.


So that's where my relationship with Atlantic really began. Alas, in the words of one Ladies Love Cool James, "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years." Or something like that.

See you in the future,



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Will Sexy said:


Looks like you have your career post-IFD all planned out, Packy Mayo! I loves it!

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