I Fight Dragons

New Logos For A New Era

Many of you know this already, if you have seen our facebook page or caught our show at the Metro last weekend, but we have presented new, entirely original logos for each band member. These new logos mean a lot to us, both individually and for IFD as a whole.

There are a few reasons that we let go of the DC Comics Justice League look. One reason is simply practical: As we continue onward, we can not legally use someone else's work to represent or advertise our own. But more importantly, while the Justice League shirts were great for unifying the band's aesthetc and establishing a certain relationship with our fans, we have a new chapter ahead of us that requires a new representation.

You see, I Fight Dragons is already a much different band than it was eight months ago. (You could say "this ain't your slightly older cousin's IFD," or something to that effect.) There have been two personnel changes since July, myself being one of them, but when I (and later Chad) joined the band we hit the ground running on a crazy, self-perpetuating path (Metro>Warped Tour>Find New Drummer>DragonCon>Epic Tour>Magness Arena>Metro Again). During these months we've barely had a moment to write or learn new songs, or jam amongst each other and establish our new musical relationships. But now we're back home and have a bit of time off from the hectic show schedule. We will be using this time to record a full-length album, and we have finally been able to put some new music together collectively and find new voices and roles within IFD.

Such an exciting time! I love band!

Please excuse that outburst...Anyway, these logos to me signify a new era for I Fight Dragons. Now that we are truly growing into our musical identities, it is time that we present ourselves in a way that is truly our own. I find that the logos all capture elements of each band member that make us all unique and yet unified. Here's how I interpret the logos

Blue - Brian - The battle to fulfill inspiration
Yellow - Hari - Speak softly but carry a big-ass stick
Purple - Laura - Freedom, compassion, righteousness
Red - Chad - The Pacesetter
Grey - Bill - Take him to your leader. Your leader needs to dance.

And then there's mine. I see so many different symbols in my little green raining fireball that I don't even know where to begin. But I'll give you a few things to look for...circuit boards, John Lennon, headphones, 1950s movie robots, glasses, 1940's tabletop radios. All symbols which add up to a nearly perfect representation of myself. It's almost spooky.

From myself and all of IFD, big, big thanks to Dan Spomer for his designing skills. I love logos!

Some people have already offered some nteresting interpretations of the logos...what do you see in them?




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