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Hello 2010

2009 is over in just one day. Tomorrow is New Years Eve and I'm sure everyone has great plans. I started to think about all the great things I've done in the year 2009. I also started to think about things that happened to me this year. Good and Bad.
I'm gonna start with what all I was able to do in 2009. Last May I turned 20. What a useless age. Nothing good comes from turning 20 other then a tease that in one year you can go hang out with the "adults". Ok looking back on it I really didn't do to many cool things until late August. In late August I was out to eat with a friend of mine and got a fortune cookie that said "the rest of this year will bring you great things". I typically don't believe in things like fortune cookies. But this one was different. I took the little piece of paper and put it under my driver side mirror of my car. The next day I got a call from the attorney that worked with my old band and told me I had a great chance to play drums for a band. Yes, I Fight Dragons was the band. As you all know I ended up getting the gig. and this is where my year started to get good.

About two weeks later we left for Atlanta GA. I had a great time hanging out with the band for the first time and we rocked the stage for the first time. It was awesome! After that we went home and left for tour about three weeks later. This again is where my year started to get really good. I did so many things that I can't possibly type in this blog entry. Which is just fine since Hari blogged about it all since he was my main partner on crazy tour adventures. We then came home and I spent some time with my friends from home and hung out with my family. 

After only one week we already left again for an out of town gig in Denver CO. for Not So Silent Night. This show was awesome since it was my first arena show. 

After another week of being home we rocked the Metro which was so awesome my last blog was about that show. 

So there are some of the cool things I was able to do in the year 2009. Here are the bad things that happened.

So while I hit the enter button twice I was thinking only really one thing bad happened to me, my heart was broken. But it's not how it sounds. It gets broken once a year and only once a year by Chicago's favorite baseball team. The Cubs. That's right I said it,,, Chicago's favorite. I would mention how the Bears also broke my heart but I'm still not over that yet.....

So there you go, my year summed up in a blog entry. Hopefully 2009 was great for everyone that read this and 2010 will be even better.




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Ganon391 said:

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I thought you were older.

Larry said:


Congrats on a good 2009!

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