I Fight Dragons

Being home...

...is very strange. Much less adventurous, and a lot more stressful. I love to be home with my friends and family, but I sure do miss tour. 
All of us in the band have had to adjust a little bit. Things that come to mind:

-I've started taking my shoes off whenever I walk into my house, just like in the dragon wagon.
-I've caught myself turning off the water in the shower to conserve water, just like in the dragon wagon. 
-I'm getting rid of 70% of my clothes because I enjoyed living as a minimalist.
-I got into the grocery store, and I need a list with me. I can't just wander around anymore. Shopping for at least 6 people (5 of them boys) has taught me well. 
-Being in a car that isn't a truck is WEIRD. Its like you're sinking into the road.
-The sun was shining into my bedroom as I slept and I reached for the curtain to cover my bunk...but I'm in a queen size bed, 
-I've tried on many occasions to flush the toilet with my foot, like in the dragon wagon. 
-Walking by and smelling Laundromats makes me miss tour.
-I've finally gotten accustomed to not being in a moving vehicle all the time. Sleeping still was hard at first....

Most of all, I'm trying to get used to working again. On tour, my work was awesome. Yes, sometimes I got frustrated with merch stuff, but overall everything was a blast. During the day I worked online: with the Advance Guard, handling merch stuff, email lists, facebook, twitter...and at night I got to meet people who were volunteering their time, old fans and new ones. I got to play a show every night with my best friends. It was a lot of work. Good work. 

Now I'm at home waiting tables again. I don't have a bad job, its the best restaurant I've ever worked for. Its just hard to go from doing the dream job every day for 2 months (even if none of us were making any money) to working a job that doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy to pay the bills, all the while still trying to keep up my responsibilities with IFD. Its a lot. 

BUT I'm cherishing all of this. I feel like we're really getting somewhere and I just have to try and keep breathing and not drive myself into the ground too much. I want this band to do well, and I'm dying to make a living doing it, and that means that I have to run around like a crazy person all the time. 

I think its worth it.  

Nawww I KNOW its worth it. 

We're playing the Metro in Chicago this Saturday night. I cannot wait. When I'm onstage, everything else disappears. No worries at all. It will be great. EPIC even.

If you all want, we'll be outside the Metro before the show from about 2-4 or 5ish to play NES and drink hot chocolate. You should come. 


I'm going to go to bed and get a good night sleep! Lots to do tomorrow, including band practice. 

See you at the Metro!



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Mike Padden said:


Don't get too used to normal life we all know you'll be back on tour before you know it and next time you will be making money doing it!

Will Sexy said:


Great post, Laura!

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