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Childish Gambino 'EP'
Features 5 NEW Tracks! (Tracklist after the jump!)
Childish Gambino has been well-documented here on Gowhere, especially most recently with the dope one-take video for "Freaks & Geeks". If that video doesn't show how serious and talented actor Donald Glover is at the rap game, then the rest of his simply titled, EP, will likely make you a believer. His high-octane energy is simply infectious from the start and Glover matches that energy with a mix of clever, humorous punchlines with personal lyrics that are both authentic and therapeutic. 

Glover puts his foot down on the EP that he wants respect about being considered a true, legit rapper. It is exemplified throughout the track "My Shine" and in this line, "I guess he good for a rapper who on a TV show, even though, I was rappin' back when Lance had chemo, ho...". This is also an example of Glover's blunt references, many of which contain either shock value or comedic value, and sometimes both. His vulgar language at times contributes to both, and while I don't normally rock with rhymes that are curse-heavy, Glover's intensity makes it successful in a Slim Shady-esque manner. As a result, plenty of chuckles ensue.

But Childish Gambino is much more than colorful references and a few curse words. There is a layer of substance that is just as prominent and it all goes back to Glover's personable display of experiences. He paints his story very vividly and you can't help but be reeled in and affected by the emotion that is illustrated. "Be Alone" is a fitting personification of the above description as Glover balances between solitude and frustrations with the females and he tells it in a way that feels relatable. Contributing to that feeling on "Be Alone" (and in similar fashion throughout the rest of the EP) is a unique mix of hooks and production. The songs that contain female vocals on a hook and/or an outro really contrast well sonically and drive home some of the project's themes lyrically. The production matches Glover's powerful delivery with a mix of hard hip hop beats and some uptempo elements, seen more on "Freaks & Geeks" and "Lights Turned On". All in all, Childish Gambino's EP is an impressive project that comes correct in all facets from beginning to end. All five tracks are favs and cements the fact that Donald Glover is as talented a rapper as he is hilarious as Troy from Community. Enjoy!

BONUS: In addition to the tracklist after the jump, check out Donald Glover's freestyle and interview on last night's Lopez Tonight (look at how bug eyed Lopez gets during the freestyle, ha!).
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Donald Glover Freestyle + Interview on Lopez Tonight



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