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Graffiti art in Chicago

Augor, Pose, Ewok, Jaes, & Enue of Team Ironlak show off their skills at various places  in Chicago in the video above. It's always good to see masters at work creating some enormous pieces all off a single sketch of loose leaf paper! It definitely adds some character to a plain solid gray wall; I want to see a gowherehiphop one some day... that would bring tears to my eyes!  Take a look at the clip, which includes their process and some good music by Lou Rawls titled "Dead End Street".

I really enjoy graffiti as art, except for the two types of "tagging" and "throw-ups". This is when the artist takes no time or consideration for aesthetics, and basically defaces a surface to make it look worse than it did. It's too destructive for my taste, and gives a bad rep to graffiti artists that put time into their work. For more information on different graffiti styles click here, and enjoy!


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~ Max G.



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abraham said:

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Cosign the second paragraph.

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