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Things To Do On St Patty's Day In THe Gold Coast

Jamie Kogler

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Alright, it's that time of year again...where the green beer flows like water, and people act like complete idiots, but it's all good, because that's exactly what everyone expects here in Chicago.

That's right it's St. Patrick's Day! The whole city has yet another excuse for getting completely inebriated on a Saturday afternoon, and here are some places to go that will help you complete your mission.

Start your morning off right considering it might be the only part you remember...

10:45 River Turns Green: Head down Michigan Avenue to Wacker and watch them dye the river green for this glorious day, not to mention there are people there handing out Jameson shots like they're candy. Not sure if it's exactly legal but hey shit happens...

Stay for the parade, it's fun for the kids, o skip and go straight to the bars.

Timothy O'Toole's: $5 Green Beers & Jameson shots from 8-3. They also have genuine Irish cuisine they'll be serving all day long, yummy!

Finn McCool's:  Same deal $5 Green Beers and Jameson, but they don't open till 11am, BUT they will have bagpipers performing throughout the day...

Lux of the Irish: Join Lux Bar for a benefit day on St Patty's; $30 gets you a buffet, a raffle, and live music from the Shannon Irish Rovers Pipe Band and the Jimmy and Seamus Boyle Band. The benefit is for Misericordia , get drunk while giving's a win/win.

Shenannigan's: $3.50 Green Beers, eh? Not bad...

This Saturday you can bet that the North Side is going to be crazy, considering that the South Side Parade is canceled this year.

Break out your green clothes, hair spray, face paints, tall socks, crazy hats, and whatever else your little heart desires for this amazing holiday. Don't forget to eat your Lucky Charms, and always remember the luck of the Irish.

Be safe, have fun, and get your arse down to the Gold Coast!






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Rob Larson said:


Nice post, Jamie. Beers always worth mentioning.

Lauren Strec said:


I'm sure a lot of people will find this post very helpful! This entry is on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

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