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Hopefully My Career Will Pay Off -So I Can Live Here

Drew Fleury

a college graduate getting that Master's degree so I can succeed in the world of journalism


1358 North Dearborn

Since I started to pursue my career goal in journalism since 2005, I've learned a lot of things. The basics of how to shoot, and edit, how to write, produce, start a blog, etc etc.

But the most important thing I learned is that, the industry is in a state of flux right now and basically there aren't any jobs available.

Kind of a gut punch to the stomach-- but I just look at it as a challenge.

During this quarter I learned how to blog and all the work that it entails. Honestly, I never thought that blogging was too hard and intitally, more of a leisure activity but it actually is a beneficial ways to stay informed.

Taking this skill and adding it to the resume can help me be more versatile in the field and more appealing to potential employers.

But now that that little background info is out of the way here's is way I'm hoping my career will pay off.


Earlier in the quarter I interviewed Leo Clark who is part of Gold Coast Realty. And since covering the Gold Coast I've become familiar with the area and would very much like to live there in the future.

There are many beautiful condo's and houses througout the Gold Coast but one specifically stood out to me and just screams success.

The property is located on 1358 N. Dearborn Avenue and is a spectacular piece.

The house was built in 2007 and has remained vacant since. Which is very surprising to me because a new house in the Gold Coast with beautiful architecture, and elegant details should be snatched up.

The property is a 6,000 sq ft, three story, greystone wit a three car garage. On the inside five spacious rooms with five full bathrooms and three partial bathrooms. In addition, there is an enclosed balcony, maid's room and two utility rooms for laundry.

Of course you're all wondering how much this luxurious property costs. 10 million? 12? or even 15? Nope!!

Surprisingly the property is only $5,950,000. Now it's not like I have that just lying around in savings, but for the house being located in the Gold Coast area its a steal.

Until I'm on the air and working in print seeing those dollars racking in, I can only dream of someday walking into that house and calling it my own. But until that day I'll have fun just walking around the area and stopping by to visit my house.




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