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BaconFest 2010...There is a God

Alaina Africano

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Photo Credit: Flickr user shawnzam

"Bacon seduces
all that is Jewish in me.
Mom rolls in her grave."
- A beautifully written haiku from Jewish attendee of Baconfest, Paul Libman.

If the backdrop to Baconfest 2010, which is to be held in Logan Square, was accompanied by The Beatles and funny antics from Chris Farley and all original artwork from Edvard Munch--life WOULD be complete.  I would be Maslow's self-actualized.  I would have found my nirvana.  A girl can dream.   

Settling for just the Baconfest part is fine with me, though.

Baconfest 2010 announced its 24 featured chefs today.  Two who are representing the Gold Coast.  Chef Jason McLeod from Balsan, which is located at 11 E Walton and from the Hancock's famous Signature Room, Chef Patrick Sheerin.  For a complete list click here.  

April 10, 2010 will be a day solely dedicated to bacon creations.  Many are non-believers.  On the Baconfest homepage, one of the FAQs is "Is this in April Fools Joke?"  Please believe me when I say this may be the best day of the year.  

The day is filled with bacon-inspired activities.  Bacon flavored spirits? Um, why not.  Bacontrepreneurs? An awesome word, which means a bunch of local artisans promoting their bacon inspired treats and products.  Local artists, poets and musicians will also take the stage to further highlight this "Bacon Cultural Explosion."

To top the day off, the Golden Rasher awards will be handed out to the winners of the pro and amateur bacon cook-offs.  According to the Fest's Website, the Golden Rashers are the Oscars of the bacon world.  Wow.  Everything sounds better when bacon is involved.    

The creative minds behind this beautiful bacon day should be adopted into sainthood.  I look forward to many slices of cured pork and belly aches.   

Baconfest 2010 is held at 2408 N Kedzie at the Stan Mansion.  Tickets are on sale March 4 at noon.



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