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Bones found at Gold Coast Construction Site

Alaina Africano

Adventurous Journalism Student with a passion for music, pop culture, controversey, and smiling.

File:Velociraptor Fighting Dinosaur.jpeg

Dinosaur Bones found at Gold Coast Site!

Just Kidding.  Not those type of bones.

Next time you think of building a home, or whatever it may be, make sure that it isn't over an old cemetery.

This past Monday, February 22, authorities were called to 1520 N State Parkway concerning bone remnants found on the Gold Coast construction site.

On Tuesday, February 23, the Cook County Medical Examiners Office performed an examination discovering that the bones were, in fact, human.  Not only from a human, but were bones from two different people.  

According to police, further investigation is in place to see if the construction site may have previously been a cemetary.    



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Rob Larson said:


Good job, Alaina. When aren't dinosaur bones interesting? I've never found out, that's for sure.

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