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On April 3rd, 1986, after I went to the end of my driveway to pick up my copy of the Chicago Tribune, I opened up the paper to find, above the fold, the story Atheist sees all Zion's signs and can't believe it , by Eric Zorn.

Eric Zorn.jpg


I thought to myself, "What a cool guy.  When I grow up, I want to be just like Mr. Zorn."





I went on to sue Zion, in behalf of Zion resident Clint Harris, and the rest is Supreme Court history.

Since then, I've

fought countless injustices, one victory at a time, including state/church separation issues, atheist civil rights battles, traffic problems, tax injustices and discrimination against virtually every group that's out there.

I also ran for Illinois State Representative in 2008 as a member of the Green Party.

Now, I'm one step closer to being just like Eric.  I write for Chicago Now , a subsidiary of Chicago Tribune Media Group, the gold standard of journalism in Chicago.

Atheism has gone mainstream, as the existence of this blog readily demonstrates.  Several university studies have confirmed that atheism is the fastest growing theological perspective in America, and all because I made it safe for atheists to get out of the closet.

My personal web site is www.robsherman.com .  That's where you can find out more about me, my business activities, and information about past successes.

Write to me here:  rob@robsherman.com .  Call me in the office during reasonable hours at (847) 870-0700.  There are no call screeners.  I answer the phone.

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Send me tips.  If you know about an activity involving or of interest to atheists, let me know so that I can let everybody else know.  Same thing if you know about a cool oldies rock concert in the Chicago area, because one of the perks of being an atheist is that you can listen to Godless Rock-and-Roll without committing any sins!

If you come across an injustice, let me know about that, too, so that I can put the heat from the spotlight of publicity on it, and maybe even do something to stop it.

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