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Atheist debates Christian space alien


The Bolingbrook Babbler, "Bolingbrook's first and only true tabloid," has published the amazing account of a debate, which supposedly took place earlier today, between a prominent Chicago-area atheist and a space alien who is a Christian.

The article, by Babbler editor William Brinkman, is entitled Atheist Rob Sherman debates Space Pope!  Web exclusive.

The "Clow UFO Base" mentioned in the story is a reference to Clow International Airport, a general aviation airport in Bolingbrook, a suburb located 30 miles southwest of downtown Chicago.  The "Flying Sherman Object" mentioned in the story apparently is a reference to the Flying Sherman-ator, pictured above.

I thought that the story was funny.  I hope that you enjoy it, too.



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gr8hands said:


Let's see . . . jesus came down from heaven, ascended into heaven, and is going to come again from heaven . . . sounds like a space alien to me!

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