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Madigan spokesman bitterly complains: "Who made Rob Sherman king?"

The mainstream media has finally begun to pound away at the Capital Bill.  My efforts to raise the alarm regarding the outrageous, unconstitutional line items are paying off.

Earlier this week, the State Journal-Register in Springfield ran the story Churches to receive millions from state capital plan.  Yesterday, Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune ran the story Tax dollars to build and repair churches a Capital idea?  Evidently. in his Change of Subject blog.  Today, Eric ran the story Holy capital bill!  Illinois lawmakers earmark millions for religious facilities in his regular Tribune column.

In the State Journal-Register story, Steve Brown, the spokesman for Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, is quoted as referring to me as a "blowhard" and asking the question, "Who made him king?  Does he have any kind of expertise on capital spending?"

Steve Brown is actually a pretty good guy.  He was a guest, several times, on my Morning Drive radio show on WJJG Chicago.

What's made me King is the Disbursements of Public Moneys section of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure in the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

What that all means is this:  The Illinois Compiled Statutes is the compendium of all of the state laws that the Illinois General Assembly has ever passed.  It contains laws about such things as how elections are required to be run, what the duties and responsibilites of school districts and school boards are, and the Illinois Vehicle Code, which contains all the laws about how you get your driver's license and how fast you can go down expressways.

Chapter 735 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes is the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure.  It's the body of laws that governs how things work in the state's civil court, as contrasted with the Code of Criminal Procedure, which specifies the rules for proceeding in criminal court.

Article XI of the Code of Civil Procedure is entitled Injunction.  Part 3 of Article XI is the part that makes me King.  It's entitled Disbursements of Public Moneys and the relevant provisions are 735 ILCS 5/11-301, entitled "Who may file action," and 735 ILCS 5/11-303, entitled "Action by private citizen."  11-302 allows action by the Attorney General.

What 11-301 provides is that the Attorney General, or any citizen, can go to court "to restrain and enjoin the disbursemnt of public funds by any officer or officers of the state government."  11-302 is the set of rules for how the Attorney General would do it.  11-303 is the set of rules and procedures that a private citizen, like you or me, must follow in order to block the expenditure of state funds.

That's exactly the statute that I used to stop ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich from donating one million of your tax dollars to Pilgrim Baptist Church.

The Capital Bill is Pilgrim Baptist on steroids.  I will be using the very same statute and procedure, when I file suit in the next few days, to stop each and every one of the hundreds of donations of your tax dollars to parochial schools, houses of worship and religious ministries.

You see, Steve Brown, in religious countries, like Iran, Iraq and the lands where the Palestinians live near Israel, when people don't like what the government does, they do something called "Jihad."  They try to make their point with government by engaging in the mass murder of innocent civilians, doing suicide bombings, setting off improvised explosive devises ("IED's") hidden in or alongside the roadways, and engaging in general, widespread terrorism.

We atheists don't do jihad.  We're nice people.

When we have a bitch with government, we put our concerns in writing.  We then submit the documents to the friendly clerk of the nearby court, present our concerns to a judge and respectfully abide by his decision.

Earlier this month, our beloved Governor, Pat Quinn, signed several Bills honoring our veterans for their selfless efforts to bring our way of life, including our way of engaging in peaceful protest of and dissent from government policy, to people in far-away places.

Our federal constitution's First Amendment says, in pertinent part, that "Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people to seek a redress of grievances from government."

Don't you support that, Steve?  Which method of redressing grievances with government do you prefer?  My way, which is the patriotic, American way to do it, or the way that religious people, around the world, go about it?  You ought to be praising me as a hero and super-patriot, instead of ridiculing me the way religious people have traditionally respond to my way of fighting injustice, one victory at a time.

The most remarkable thing about that Springfield State Journal-Register story is that all 60 comments that had been posted at the time I published this story, 100% of all 60 of those comments, agreed with me, and disagreed with you and what Mr. Madigan, the General Assembly and Governor Quinn did.  That's never happened, before, where everybody agrees with me on anything.  I usually can't even get my wife and kids to unanimously agree with anything I do, and they all love me, I think.

Read those comments, Steve.  Listen to The People.  They're not happy with you or your boss.

Then, when you're done reading all of those comments, you (and the readers of this blog, too)ought to get in touch with the management of Chicago Now and thank them for choosing to have me around and for providing me with this forum for exposing what you guys in Springfield are doing to us.

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I will continue to fight, one victory at a time, to ensure that your tax dollars are spent only for public purposes, even if I am the only one willing to do so and regardless of what forum I am allowed to tell you about it may be.  I need more page views in order to be retained by Chicago Now, the management of which has treated me very, very well, so if you care about this type of issue, please subscribe to Godless in Chicago and encourage others to visit Godless in Chicago and subscribe.



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AtheistsRfactual said:

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I hope you don't take this too hard, Mr.Rob Sherman, Esqr. . . . I've been perusing your insightful comments on numerous "separation of State and Church" issues, over the years and in various mediums but not always with delight, so if I am being audacious telling you that I think your pecksniffian indefatigable polished and scholarly defense of American secularism is honorary, I know you'll patch the proverbial hole in your sail and fight on. It is the pride of christianity in America to morph and corrode the U.S. Constitution, slowly and deliberately into something rather wicked. Strangely our politicians are proving to themselves to be the right arm of the Church. Your activism is unsurpassed and it is time for secular forces to unite.

Hail to Rob Sherman.

SMK said:

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The Churches will have more freedom when they're financially independent.

gr8hands said:


Shouldn't churches be getting financial assistance from their deity, rather than the filty lucre of the tax man? Or doesn't their god say "yes" to prayers asking for direct funding?

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