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General Assembly caught playing hide-the-ball on donations to churches and parochial schools

In a desperate dirty tricks attempt to illegally sneak our taxes dollars to their favorite churches and parochial schools and to conceal it from me, Speaker Mike Madigan and the Illinois General Assembly secretly transfered the proposed unconstitutional donations from House Bill 313 Senate Amendment 3 to Senate Bill 1221 House Amendment 3.

Thanks to information provided to me by Burt in the Skokie district office of State Representative Lou Lang, they didn't get away with it.  I caught them, and now I'm going to stop them.

You remember the 972-page House Bill 313 Senate Amendment 3, don't you?  I wrote about it six times last month, in these stories:

June 4:  Illinois General Assembly Donates Your Tax Dollars to Their Favorite Churches

June 5:  Rep. Jack Franks Explains How Pork Bill Got Approved

June 9:  Governor's Office Responds to Sherman Regarding Pork Bill

June 11:  Rep. Lou Lang Comments on Pork Bill

June 16:  Legislature Must Eliminate Tax Donations to Churches and Parochial Schools

(During the next two weeks, management at Chicago Now suggested I change to not capitalizing most of the words in my headlines.  That's the way it was done in the '60s.  It's not how it's done now.  That's why you'll see the style change in the next headline.)

June 30:  Governor asked to veto donations to churches, parochial schools

House Bill 313 passed both houses of the legislature, but as a result of a procedural maneuver, the Bill was not yet sent to the Governor for his signature.  Rep. Lou Lang filed a Motion to Re-consider on the Bill, so that kept the Bill in the House.  The theory was, as long as the Bill remained in the House on the Motion to Re-consider, the churches and parochial schools wouldn't get the money.

So, the plan was to monitor House Bill 313 to make sure that, if and when it did move, Governor Quinn would do a line-item veto of the unconstitutional parts.  Monitoring the Bill is easy, by simply checking the House Bill 313 Status Page every day.  If you check the Bill Status Page, you'll find that Rep. Lang's Motion to Re-Consider is still pending, so our atheist tax dollars still seemed safe.

But God didn't make no dumb atheists.

News rumors began to swirl, yesterday, that Governor Quinn was going to sign "the Capital Bill" on Monday (July 13th).  But, wait a second, Lou Lang still has a "Hold" on the Capital Bill.  What's going on?

So, I called Lou's office, this morning, to investigate.

After doing some research, Burt in Lou's office told me that, yes, Lou still had a "Hold" on HB311, but the spending provisions of 972-page HB311 apparently have been quietly transferred by Mike Madigan's 996-page Capital Bill, House Amendment 3 to Senate Bill 1221, and that SB1221 was released and sent to the Governor, yesterday (July 9).  All of the donations of our tax dollars by the General Assembly to churches and parochial schools had been switched by Madigan from HB311 to SB1221.

Obviously, Madigan was hoping that approval of those expenditures could sneak through without me noticing it, so that they could get away with making unconstitutional donations of tax dollars to churches and parochial schools without being caught.  Madigan was hoping that, while I was watching for movement on HB313, while I was staking out HB313, SB1221 would tiptoe through, unnoticed by me.

Not so fast, Mr. Madigan.  I'm on to your scam, and you've been caught.

My attorney on these matters, Green Party candidate for Governor Richard Whitney, and I have begun the process to block each and every one of those donations.  We did it, successfully, regarding the scam by Rod to donate one million tax dollars to Pilgrim Baptist Church.  Now, we are going to block the hundreds of proposals (line items) to donate tens of millions of our atheist tax dollars to churches and parochial schools.

(I am a member of the Green Party and previously a Green Party candidate for State Rep.  I am not now a candidate for public office and expect to not be a candidate while writing for Chicago Now.)

These illegal donations can be stopped without a lawsuit, by Pat Quinn doing a line-item veto of each and every one of those improper appropriations, or these donations will be stopped with the State of Illinois suffering through a long, expensive and losing lawsuit.  Either way, these unconstitutional donations WILL be stopped.

Stay tuned.

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