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Did Pat Quinn lie with his hand on the Bible?

There he is, Governor Pat Quinn, promising to support and defend the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of Illinois, back on January 29th, with his hand on the Bible.

Quinn inauguration.jpg

Now, it's not even six months later, and Pat is about to sign the Capital Bill, which includes literally hundreds of unconstitutional donations to politically connected houses of worship, ministries, parochial schools and other religious organizations.

Pat knows that those provisions are unconstitutional, because he told me so.

Last fall, when Rod was still the Governor, I spoke with Pat, in the parking lot of the State Capitol in Springfield.  Pat was sitting in the driver's seat of his modest, humble, white sedan.

I mentioned to Pat that I was in Springfield, that day, on a hearing regarding my lawsuit against Rod and the State of Illinois over Rod's proposal to donate one million of our tax dollars to Pilgrim Baptist Church.

Pat said that he was aware of my lawsuit and that he agreed with me:  Donating state money to a church is unconstitutional, he said.

The Capital Bill that Pat is about to sign, today, is Pilgrim Baptist on steroids.  There are multi-millions of dollars in grants to houses of worship, parochial schools and other religious organizations.

Pat has to know about it, because I have been speaking, frequently, about the Capital Bill with all its unconstitutional provisions, with one of Pat's key aides, attorney Jay Stewart, who formerly was the head of the Better Government Association.

Jay called me, late Friday afternoon, to say that, as far as he knew, there would be no line-item vetoes by Pat in today's signing of the Capital Bill.

Pat, just what does it mean when a public official promises, with his hand on a Bible, to do something?  Would you explain to me, an atheist, what it means when a Christian, like you, puts his hand on the Bible and swears that he will uphold the Constitution?

Hey, Pat, what do you think that your god is going to do to you for this one?

My team of attorneys is preparing the lawsuit to stop this mess by yet another governor and the General Assembly.  Stay tuned.

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