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An excellent day for Naked Girls Reading

Warning:  If you're a Christian, the following post is not for you.  Do not read this post if you are a Christian.

OK, I think it's safe, now, for us heathens to proceed.

Hi!  How are you?

One of the most fun experiences that I've ever had in my entire life was when I attended last month's Naked Girls Reading event at Studio L'Amour on the Near West Side of Chicago.  After more than 56 years of very active living, it's rare to come across a truly new experience.  This was unlike anything that I had ever experienced, before, and it was just good, clean fun.

Wait 'til you see the happy picture of the girls and me on the continuation page!

I learned about the event by reading Get some tale at this Friday's Naked Girls Reading event at the Chicago Now blog Sex and the Windy City.  I sat with Sex in the Windy City author, the very lovely Anna Pulley, and her delightful friends, Ellie and Ammie.

The evening featured some of the most beautiful young ladies in the world, reading poetry while naked.  Well, they weren't completely naked.  They were wearing necklaces, bracelets, shoes, earrings, hair ornaments and big, friendly smiles.

With no clothes on, everybody was

instant friends.  The thermostat was set at 80 degrees, so everybody, the naked girls and the clothed audience, was very comfortable.

By removing their clothes, the girls stripped themselves of the artificial symbolism of importance that clothes attempt to suggest.  It was just like being upstairs, at home with my wife, Celeste, where we go about our personal tasks at the beginning and end of the day without regard to whether we are wearing any clothes.

It was all so very normal, particularly if you are, like me, an atheist, for whom there is no religious requirement that you be sexually repressed, and for whom it's not a sin to be normal.  It was all about being beautiful, not erotic nor titillating.

Naked Girls R 540.jpg

This is not a strip club.  There was no strip tease.

The girls came into the room wearing light, elegant clothes, went behind the tri-fold panel that you see, just to the right of my head in the above picture, and quietly removed their clothes.  They then came out from behind the panel, sat down on the sofa and two chairs that you see, above, picked up their individual books of poetry, explained what they were going to read, and read poetry to us while completely naked.  It was all so very normal, but also very beautiful.

In fact, it felt like being back in a high school English class, being team taught by six student teachers or young new teachers, looking just like what we guys imagined they would look like, when we fantasized about what they would look like without their clothes on.  C'mon!  If you're a guy, you did that!  You undressed them in your mind.  I did!

There was no touching and no alcohol served, so it was also very wholesome and cheerful.  Patrons are allowed to bring their own bottle.  Light refreshments are served.

One of the girls said she was much more nervous about reading the book than about being naked.  Being naked is normal.  However, reading a book out loud to about fifty people is not.

The ladies all have very normal lives outside of their burlesque performances.

Michelle L'amour, second from the right, is the owner of Studio L'amour.  She's 29, newly married, and her parents know about her involvement in this business.  Her husband, Franky Vivid, works at the studio, too.  Franky used to be a member of Willow Creek Community Church.  Does Willow Creek know about this?

Mimi First, third from the right, is 28, single, has a boyfriend, and is a Bar Mitzvah planner, although she is not Jewish.  Her parents know.

Mina Mechante, far right, is 27, single, has a boyfriend, works in retail selling longerie, and her parents know.

Deirdre Doll, second from the left, is Mina's twin sister.  I guess that makes her 27, too.  She has neither a boyfriend nor girlfriend, works as a paralegal, and her firm does not know about this ... yet.  Their parents know, though.

Greta Layne, third from the left, is 27, married, works as a veterinary technician and her mom knows. 

Dominique Trixx, far left, is involved in the management of music bands.  She declines to say how old she is, whether she is single, married, has a boyfriend or girlfriend, or whether her parents know, but that's OK.  It just shows that each of the girls have a mind of their own and feel free to be be different from everybody else.  Just like me!

It all seemed about as radical as going to the library and having a group of librarians read to you, but it sure was a lot more fun with all of the librarians being naked, this time.

These monthly events are open to the public, and that includes you, so you can go the next time.  The price of admission, last month, was only fifteen dollars.  Quick!  Go there before they realize that these performances are worth at least ten times that amount and they raise the price to something more realistic!

The next Naked Girls Reading is this week, on Friday, July 10, 2009, at 7 p.m., when the subject that will be read is patriotic documents from our nation's history, such as the Declaration of Independence.  The location is Studio L'amour, 939 West Randolph Street, Chicago.  That's near downtown, just two blocks west of the Kennedy Expressway.  You can even walk there from the Metra station.  That's what I did, so that I wouldn't have to deal with Friday evening rush hour traffic into the City.

You need a reservation, so visit Naked Girls Reading to reserve a place.  They only allow fifty people at each event to ensure that everybody is close enough to the action to, um, hear the girls clearly when they read.  Yeah, that's it!  And, with the publicity from the thousands of people who read this blog, it's sure to fill up quickly.  Better hurry if you want to be there!

I would like to be there, too, but Friday is my daughter's sixteenth birthday (Sweet Sixteen!), and her birthday party that evening is even more important to me than attending a Naked Girls Reading event.  Family always comes first.  I'll try to make the August Naked Girls Reading.  I've asked Celeste to go there with me.  She's thinking about it, but she says that she's happy for me that I had a good time, there, last month.

If you go, let me know how you enjoyed it by sending in a comment to this story, afterwards.

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Mike said:


Hey, this was an interesting article, but I noticed a couple discrepancies. Don't get me wrong, I don't judge you... Ok, maybe I do; but not more than I judge anyone else! Like you said, we all undress certain people in our minds, but this is what I have to say, take it or leave it: This is not natural, they charge money for a reason (like you said.) Your wife wasn't glad you had a good time, if she really was ok with it, she would not mind going back with you. What that tells me is that you (the man) wear the pants in the family and despite that you aren't "getting it on" with these girls who, in all honestly, wouldn't even if you wanted to, you still enjoy munching them up with your eyes. That probably hurts your wife, even if she doesn't have the balls to tell you. I suggest you have a heart to heart talk to her and see if she's really is ok with it. I mean, if you're so proud of being an atheist, why are you married? Just for the tax benefits?? (Provided there are any). If you take your marriage with the woman I presume you love seriously, I suggest you stop watching pornography and especially don't flaunt if you can't break yourself of a possible addiction.

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