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45 Items for Under $100 at the Parenthesis Consignment Sale

Just a quick note to share some of the deals I scored at the Parenthesis Sale tonight. There are plenty of nice things left for tomorrow's sale starting at 9 a.m. in Oak Park!


I bought 3 Hanna Andersson dresses for $3 or $4 each, several pairs of warm PJs for each of my 3 kids, a VERY nice vest and snow pants set from The Children's Place, Halloween shirts, winter boots, gym shoes, Born and Keen brand shoes and boots, and plenty of school clothes.


My only regret is that I completely forgot to look for shoes for the baby! I guess after letting him go barefoot most of the summer I forgot that all three of my kids need shoes. Oh well -- more toddler shoes for you if you shop the sale tomorrow.

And I want to give a shout out to reader Beth, who said hi while I was working the equipment room during the VIP sale tonight (the one that people got to shop if they donated $20 to Parenthesis). I love meeting readers and knowing that this blog might have let some people know about the sale or at least reminded them.

Parenthesis Children's Resale Starts Tonight in Oak Park

The big children's consignment event I've been mentioning all week starts TONIGHT in Oak Park! I just came from helping put out the last items of clothing, and let me tell you, this fall is a doozy with lots of beautiful, spotless items of clothing. I was one of the quality control managers, so I can personally assure you that you will not have to scrutinize anything for stains or dig through old, faded junk to get to the good stuff at this sale. Despite that, the prices at Parenthesis' sales tend to be much lower than consignment stores. It's the best of both worlds!

Scroll past the pics for the sale details:

Here's one of the many Hanna Andersson pieces I saw at low prices (as in, $5 or less):


Here are the two racks of costumes:



Including this princess dress, which reminds me of the one that's Target's daily deal for $19.99. I didn't check the price tag on this one, but it will NOT be anywhere near $19.99!



Of course I can't guarantee that these specific items will still be there when you arrive -- there is a sale for volunteers this evening before the public sales begin, but the volunteers are limited in the number of items they can buy so don't worry -- there will be plenty of primo stuff left.

Where: The Parenthesis clothing sale is at 405 S. Euclid in Oak Park, at the United Methodist Church. Full details at the Parenthesis Web site.

Tonight: The VIP sale starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 and you can buy them online or in person.

Tomorrow: Doors are open for free entrance from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. People do tend to line up at 8 or 8:30. Half price sale is 11:30-noon. If you see something you like that costs too much, you may want to hang around after the half price sale, for the chance at an even better deal on things that haven't sold.

Also Tomorrow: Big toy sale at 124 S. Euclid, from 8 a.m. to noon.

I should be out on the sale floor during all the clothing sales, wearing my name tag that says "Carrie." Come say hi!

Frugalista Challenge: Clutter Cleanout Update



Remember when I challenged all you guys to get junk out of your house at a profit, or at least not at a loss? Well, I wanted to let you know about my progress on that particular Frugalista Challenge, and encourage you to share your updates too.

What I accomplished:

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High-End Consignment: ReFINE Style

I have posted about private buying sites like GILT Group, but I have a feeling this might be more up our alley for when we Frugalistas want to dress nice: high-end consignment, online. I just got a pitch from ReFINE Style, a consignment shop that sells online.

Hmm. Convenient if you live outside a big city, or, like me, live right by a big city but have trouble getting into boutiques because your entourage consists of a bunch of short people who terrorize shop ladies.

They have auctions like eBay and also "buy it now" like eBay does.

I liked this cocktail dress for under $30.

Course, you could always just buy clothes on eBay like a lot of people do. As for me, I have a hard time buying clothes online! Is that weird? It's just that, when I go into a dressing room with 10 things to try on, I'll usually emerge with one or none that I liked enough on me to buy. And it's even worse with shoes. Do you shop for clothes bargains online, and if so, do you have tips for me for figuring out if you will like the thing enough to keep?

50% Off Sale at Neat Repeats in South Suburbia

I'm actually trying to get to launching this afternoon's contest, but there are so many good deals in my email that I keep wanting to share just one more thing. So here's just one more thing: At Neat Repeats Resale in Orland and Worth, there is a half price sale tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 18, only. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., everything is 50% off at this domestic violence Crisis Center charity store.

Here are the two Neat Repeats locations:

Neat Repeats Resale Orland
9020 W. 159th Street 708-364-760

Neat Repeats Resale Worth
7026 W. 111th Street

Thanks to reader Renee A. for the tip.


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