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Jewel-Osco Deals Week of Oct. 21

The first thing I want to note in the Jewel-Osco flyer is that there are price changes in here on items included in the ConAgra Catalina deal. If your Jewel tends to get prices up ahead of time, like mine does, this could affect your deal, for better or for worse.
For instance, Betty Crocker fruit snacks, which were $2 card price, will now be $1.67. The store I visited this morning still had the old price, so I couldn't check to see what the new pre-card price was. If it's still $2.50, you can do a little better buying these now, since the card price is lower. But I would bet that once the card price changes, there will be a new pre-card price too, and if it's lower, it'll throw your scenarios all out of whack. So watch the register you ring these babies up today!

(Green Giant Steamers are also advertised for $2 this week; not sure what they were before.) 
Now, for all this week's sales and deals at Jewel-Osco.

Continue to see this week's sales, BOGO deals and other special offers.
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More Jewel Catalina Transactions and a New Moneymaker Idea

I think I'm done shopping the Jewel-Osco Catalina deal, which ends today. But today I did notice a tempting new item to buy: Pillsbury sweet rolls priced at $4.45 pre-card, $2.50 card price. These are the fancier sweet rolls, some co-branded Cinnabon, and look like so:


Transaction ideas and my transactions today beyond the break.
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GM Catalina Update at Jewel-Osco

This is a post with some transaction ideas for the General Mills Catalina deal going on at Jewel-Osco right now. See some pointers on this deal here, and if you don't know what Catalinas are or why they so often result in free food, get up to speed with my Catalina primer

I stopped by Jewel this morning and did my first transaction: 13 cans of Progresso soup. The pre-card "sale" price is $2. (NOTE: NOT $2.19 LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY. SO YOU HAVE TO BUY 13 CANS TO HIT $25.)

So, my 13 cans of soup rang up at $26 + tax, then when I scanned my card it dropped to $13. I used three $1/4 coupons from inserts, bringing the total down to $10.23. My two $5 Catalina coupons printed as expected so ... free soup. I paid the 23 cents tax.
Imagine me throwing a little handful of confetti. Hooray!

Intrepid reporter that I am, I walked into the store with no pen and paper or even my phone to record more pre-card prices for you. But I did manage to check out the Cheerios and Golden Grahams, both tagged for the deal, with pre-card sale prices listed at $2.75. Here's how a transaction would work with those:
10 boxes Cheerios @ $2.75 = $27.50 before card
scan card and price drops to $20
Use three $1/3 coupons from inserts, plus one $.75/1 printable
I pay $16.25 and get a $10 coupon back
Final cost: $6.25 for 10 boxes cereal, or 63 cents a box

You could lower your cost a smidgen with that scenario by dropping it to 9 boxes cereal plus one cheaper item like one can of soup. Or you could have better coupons -- like if you have access to enough computers to print nine or ten $.75/1 coupons!

Any of you do any Catalina transactions today? Planning any? Please share your scenarios here.

Jewel-Osco Deals and Coupon Matchups: Week of Oct. 14

See my separate post for the deets on the General Mills Catalina deal. Unfortunately, other than that deal, it's a pretty slow week for grocery deals at Chicago's Jewel-Osco.


asparagus $1.49/lb.

Fannie May assorted chocolate buy one get one free @ $19.99

Hormel Always Tender fresh center cut pork rib or loin chops $1.99/lb.


Buy 2 Tropicana Pure Premium OJ @ $3 each, get Trop50 59 oz. (use the $1/1 Trop50 from the Dominick's $70 Savings book, or the $1/1 from the 9/26 RedPlum)

Buy 2 Marzetti's Dips @ $3 each, get a 3-pound bag of apples for 99 cents


Crest is still on sale for 99 cents, use the $.75/1 from the 10/10 P&G insert

Michelina's frozen entrees $1 (use the $1/5 from the Dominick's "$70" booklet or two different $1/5 printable coupons)

Carnation Evaporated Milk $1

Jewel canned beans 15 oz. 59 cents


Driscoll's raspberreis 6 oz. or strawberries 1 lb. @ $3.99, Oberweiss chocolate milk 64 oz. @ $3.99, Dean's ice cream 1.5 qt., Brownberry bread @ $3.99


$5/3 Brita filters, expires 10/20


$.44/1 American Greetings card $1.99 or more, expires 10/16

 Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World's database.

This Week's Shopping: Catalina Fun and a Wedding



This week there wasn't much time to shop on account of my brother getting married. OK, I made multiple trips to all kinds of stores, but those were errands that I ran for the wedding and don't count.

Here's what I did for our family:

Spent 35 cents at Dominick's getting Barilla pasta, sauce and cheese. How so cheap? I used a $10 Catalina I had in my wallet -- without that my total would have been $10.35 for four jars sauce, four boxes of spaghetti, two blocks cheese and one jar O Organics baby food. The deal was "buy 2 pasta, get 2 sauce free," and the $1/1 coupons didn't work because they were for the wrong variety of pasta, but not a bad deal anyway. Oh! Also I forgot to report that I got a $1 Catalina coupon for buying Barilla products -- not sure how many I would have had to buy to trigger that, but if you count that and the $1.25/2 sauce coupon I used, I paid $5.75 for 4 sauce and 4 pasta -- not bad!

At Dominick's I also found more "Save $70" coupon booklets, with that $.50/1 any Healthy Choice coupon so useful in the Catalina deal at Jewel-Osco.

At Jewel I have done 2 rounds of the current Catalina deal. The first time I spent $5.92 on 9 cans of Healthy Choice soup ($.88/can x 9 = $7.92 - $2 in coupons = $5.92). The second time I got 9 cans soup with no coupons and some grapes. I paid with the $10 Cat from before, and I only owed the tax -- 23 cents. (And of course I received a $10 Catalina coupon for each of those transactions.)

At CVS, I spent 35 cents after Extra Bucks on some milk and a can of cream of mushroom soup.

So, my grocery spending for this week was $6.85, plus my normal $32 for the organic produce box. I donated 9 cans of soup to the Girl Scouts food drive and shared some of our produce with the babysitter, since we were going out of town and couldn't eat it all. $38.65 out of a possible $100. No wonder we hardly have anything to eat around here!

I won't detail our meals, since we ate most of them out of town, at parties and restaurants. But I am happy to report that I can add $60 to the "buy a cow 2010" fund, bringing my savings up to $95.

Jewel-Osco Catalina Deal Perfect for Food Bank Donations

Saturday the Girl Scouts will be roaming my area (Oak Park/River Forest), picking up food bank donations from porches. Even if your local troop won't be picking up, right now is a great time to shop at Jewel for your local food bank, because that Catalina deal is making food ... FREE.

See Mashup Mom for a new scenario where you can make money buying 9 cans of Healthy Choice soup ... even if you don't have coupons. With coupons, you make even more. If you have a little time, you can do this over and over and deliver oh, maybe 90 cans of soup to your local food bank? Or if the Scouts are coming to your neighborhood, better tell them to bring an extra wagon!

(OK, buying 90 cans of soup at one time is not considerd nice couponing, unless you place a special order, which might or might not come in in time for Saturday.)

See my Jewel-Osco Catalina deal post for more details, and if this kind of deal is new to you, see my Intro to Catalina deals.

Jewel-Osco Deals and Coupon Matchups Week of Oct. 7

Here are the best sales and deals at the Chicago grocery store Jewel-Osco for the week of Oct. 7. Jewel, always obliging, only put a few items on sale this week because they probably know I am so busy today. Thanks, Jewel! (sarcastic grimace)


bananas 38 cents/lb.
Fritos or Cheetos $1.69
2L pop 7-Up, Dr Pepper, Sunkist or A&W 77 cents


See separate Catalina deal post for the "spend $25, get $10" offer

Buy 2 T. Marzetti apple dip, get $2 off instantly any 3 lb. bag of apples (The ad says "instant savings," not "with in-store coupon." I've heard that people are finding tearpad coupons with this same offer. So, if this deal happens without the coupon, you could add the coupon to get an additional $1 off the apples. Or maybe the ad just forgot to mention that you need to grab the tearpad coupon. Please report back if you try this.)

Buy 2 Palermo's Pizzas at $5.50, get 1 12-pack Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt. Dew, or 6-pack 24 oz. bottles Pepsi or Aquafina, or 8-pack 12 oz. bottles Diet Pepsi or Crush

(print $1/2 Palermo's coupon)


California crimson red seedless grapes 99 cents/lb. 

Minute Maid orange juice $2

mushrooms 8 oz. $1.79

Athenos hummus 7 oz. $1.99 (use $1/1 from the 9/12 SmartSource for a very good deal on hummus)


Perdue Short Cuts 9 oz (use two $.75/1 from 10/10 RedPlum).; Scotch-Brite sponges 6 ct. (use two $1/1 from the 9/19 SmartSource)

Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World's database.

Jewel-Osco New Catalina Deal for Free or Very Cheap Food


I'll post the regular deals for this week at Jewel-Osco next. But first, finally, a big fat Catalina deal has come back to Jewel-Osco. Like it or loathe it, this is big agriculture food at its cheapest.

(See my explanation of how Catalina deals get you cheap or free groceries if you're new to this.)

This week's Catalina deal is already active, and it runs through next Wednesday, 10/13/10. Buy $25 worth of select products, get a $10 coupon to use on your next order -- of anything. Some products with pretty good sale prices: 

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Jewel-Osco Deals and Coupon Matchups Week of 9/30

Here are the best deals and coupon matchups I see at Jewel-Osco this week. First of all, it appears that Jewel-Osco has heard the disgruntlement of its customers over the lack of BOGO items in recent weeks; this week has a whole page of buy one, get one free items.

Second of all, I misspoke when I said that the P&G Catalina deal was ending. It's pictured in today's ad and it says it goes through 10/6. So get over there -- you're probably not going to get better prices on toilet paper or paper towels than this. I'm not noticing prices any different from what I listed, but be aware that prices can change when the new week starts Thursday.

(If Catalina deals are new to you, read my Catalina get-started guide.)

Thursday through Saturday Only

Driscoll's strawberries 1 lb. $1.88

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These Are the Groceries I Paid for ... But Look at the Groceries I Got!

You know those Empire commercials, right? "I paid for this much carpeting," showing a tiny patch of carpet in a bare room, "But look at the carpeting I got!"

Tonight I felt that way at Jewel-Osco. I paid $31 plus tax in two transactions. If I was paying full price with no coupons, I could have afforded this:

(That'd be three bags of coffee.)

But with manufacturer's coupons, a store coupon, instant savings, Preferred Card prices, Catalina coupons and even an Avenue "personalized savings" deal, I got all this for my $31:



Is it any wonder that we get hooked on couponing?

Here's how it went down:

Transaction 1:

Bounty 8 Giant Rolls $9.99 Preferred Card price/$14.99 pre-card

Tide 100 oz.               $9.99/$14.49

Pringles $1.50

Mrs. T's Pierogies BOGO @ $3.49

Starbucks 12 oz. @ $6.99 x 4 =  $27.97

Cheerios 14 oz. $2.50

cage free eggs $3


Total before any coupons or discounts (except card prices): $58.44 plus tax

MINUS $1 Avenu savings on the Bounty: $57.44

MINUS $7.50 instant savings on the Starbucks/Cheerios $49.94

MINUS $5 Jewel coupon from the mail -- spend $50, get $5 off (I was 6 cents under but it went through) $44.94

MINUS $9 manufacturer's coupons ($2/1 Tide from a magazine, four $1/1 Starbucks from the 9/12 SmartSource, $1/1 Bounty from a booklet I got at BlogHer, two $1/1 Mrs. T's Pierogies from the Save $70 booklet at Dominick's) $35.94

MINUS the $10 Catalina coupon I got for buying $30 worth of P&G products

-----> FINAL PRICE $25.94 plus tax

Transaction 2:

12 Big Roll Charmin $6.79/$9.49

100 oz. Tide               $9.99/$14.49

Mr. Clean @ $2.50/$3.85 x 2 = $5/$7.70


Total before any coupons or discounts (except card prices): $21.78

MINUS $6.49 manufacturer's coupons ($2/1 Tide from a magazine, $1/1 Charmin from the BlogHer booklet, and $3.49 for the BOGO Mr. Clean coupon from the 8/29 P&G Saver, and FYI I told her it was on sale for $2.50 but she put in $3.49 anyway.) -- $15.29

MINUS $10 coupon for my next order for buying $30 worth of P&G stuff

------> FINAL PRICE $5.29 plus tax

The sale prices, the coffee/cereal deal and the P&G Catalina all end tomorrow, so if you want to copy this, don't dawdle. Mashup Mom and her readers have more transaction ideas here.

This Week's $100 Shopping: Stayed Well Under Budget, Saved for the Next Cow

Naturally the week after I increased my weekly grocery budget to $100 from $80, I only spent $65.70 on groceries, making it seem like the change was not at all necessary. But this is a great thing, because it allows me to start saving for the bulk beef purchase we'll make this fall.

I spent:

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Check Out Mashup Mom's Great Jewel-Osco Scenarios

I almost stopped at Jewel today to do the P&G Catalina deal, but I held off because I have several $X/$XX coupons -- $4/$40, $5/$50 -- and I wanted to make sure I could spend enough at one time to use one. I'm so glad I did, because check out Mashup Mom's scearios for Starbucks at under $5 a bag, and free Mr. Clean.

P.S. I want to buy more of those Mrs. T's Pierogies at 75 cents a box, but I don't know if I'll be toasting more in the oven anytime soon; I ran the "clean" function on my oven for the first time yesterday, and I can't get it unlocked now. I think the oven got so hot it warped the metal or something.

Saved 77% at Dominick's: 50-cent Tater Tots, $1.50 Diaper Packs

I spent $13.85 at Dominick's today (after using the $5 coupon left over from the cleaning products Catalina deal). Not bad considering that usually you'd be lucky to get two packs of diapers for that much.


I found that my store still had Mom 2 Mom coupons on display at the Pharmacy, and that they are not expired, so I grabbed the two packs of diapers on clearance today, even though they are size 2 and too small for my baby. These are a nice donation item -- especially since they ended up being $1.50 a pack, with more than 40 diapers per pack! I.E., less than 4 cents a diaper!

They were marked 50% off $6.99, but they rang up at $5, so the 50% off bar code on the clearance sticker took off $2.50, making them $2.50 each. Then the $1/1 coupon brought them down to $1.50 each. Here's hoping they put more sizes on clearance!

I also got Super Coupon stuff:

4 bags Ore Ida frozen potatoes, $1.99 each after SC, minus two $3/2 manufacturer's coupons from the Dominick's/Safeway $70 off booklet (I found some by the refrigerator section this time) = 50 cents a bag

2 Safeway frozen pizzas $2.99 each after SC. The cashier tried to also scan the store coupon from the booklet but then the SC wouldn't work. So these are $2.99 whether you use the store coupon or the SC, but you can't seem to use both.

2 Smuckers and 2 Simply Jif (we normally only get organic, no-sugar added PB, but this is nice for holiday baking). $2 for the jam and $1.49 for the PB each after SC, minus two $1/2 Smuckers/Jif coupons from the 8/8 RedPlum = $1-$1.49 each

And not a Super Coupon, but we gotta pack some lunches this week:

Brownberry bread $2.50, minuse $.55/1 Q from the 8/15 SmartSource

My receipt says I saved 77%. Yay!

 P.S. I tried the Mrs. T's Pierogies from Jewel at lunch time today, and I for one loved them although like most foods they did not appeal to the kids. I'm going to buy more when I hit Jewel for laundry detergent sometime in the first half of this week.

Good News on P&G Catalina Deal: There Is a Spread

I just stopped into Jewel-Osco to do a little recon on the Proctor & Gamble Catalina offer. (What's a Catalina deal? It's all explained in this Wise Bread Catalina intro.) Also, I got two 16 oz. boxes of Mrs. T's pierogies for 75 cents each by combining the BOGO sale with the $1/1 coupons from the new Dominick's booklet. Will be trying those tomorrow to see if I wanna go back and get lots more.

About the P&G deal, which is "spend $30, get a $10 coupon": I thought there would not be much opportunity to "play the spread" because many of the items might be Osco items, which don't have Preferred Card prices. OK, if you didn't go to that link above, you'll want to know what "playing the spread" means. It means that at Jewel, when the deal says you have to spend $30, they really mean you have to buy stuff that would cost $30 before scanning your Preferred Card.

So, good news. Many of the items in the deal -- the Bounty paper towels, Tide detergent, Puffs tissue -- actually did have Preferred prices shown in the store. So if I were doing this deal I'd try to buy $30 worth using those. And here they are:

Tide 100 oz. liquid Pre-card price is $14.99, Preferred $9.99

Tide 141 oz. powder pre-card $16.99, Preferred $9.99

Puffs 3-pack pre-card "sale" price $7.19, Preferred $4.99

Puffs 4-pack pre-card price $7.49, Preferred $4.99

Bounty 8-count pre-card price $14.99, Preferred $9.99

FYI: The Tide unscented variety liquid had the same pre-card and Preferred price, but in my store it was not tagged with the Catalina deal. All the other things I just listed were tagged.

Deal idea:

Buy 2 Tide 100 oz. for $29.98 pre-card price, $19.98 Preferred

Buy 1 Pringles for $1.50

Use two $2/1 Tide coupons from various parenting or women's magazines (I got one from  Parenting I think)

Pay $17.48 + tax, receive the $10 coupon back for a final cost of $7.48 -- about $3.75 each for huge bottles of detergent! Or, if you don't mind using powder detergent, get one powder and one liquid and you won't have to buy the Pringles as a filler. However, my $2/1 Q says only liquid, so you'd have to use the $1/1 from today's P&G insert instead.

Deal idea 2:

You could do the same as above with 2 packs of Bounty instead of detergents, but the coupon for Bounty in today's P&G insert is only $.25/1, so you'd pay more.

Deal idea 3:

Buy 4 Puffs 4-packs for $29.96 pre-card, $19.96 Preferred. Throw in the Pringles again for the $1.50 filler.

Use four $.25/1 coupons from the 9/26 P&G insert

Pay $18.96, or $8.96 for 16 boxes tissues after you get the $10 coupon. That's 56 cents a box.

P.S. The good folks on Couponers Wanted have been doing this deal with similar transactions and "the spread" is working just fine for them.

Sunday Tribunbe Ads and Coupons 9/26 -- Free Shampoo at Menards, Money Making Natural Cough Stuff at Walgreen's, Hasbro Coupons

This has to be quick this a.m. because I am off to my first Wrigley rooftops experience. On a Groupon, of course. Between the chilly weather and the crappy team, we may have the place to ourselves. Here are the best deals and coupon matchups I see in the Sunday paper for Walgreens, CVS, Target, Toys R Us, Jewel-Osco, Dominick's and more, plus the four coupon inserts -- a SmartSource, a RedPlum, a P&G Saver and a special Hasbro insert.

RedPlum Coupon Insert: $1/3 bags various candy which matches up with the CVS ExtraBucks deal (see below), BOGO full-sized candy bars, Einsteins's Bagels Qs including one for a 50-cent pumpkin bagel.

P&G Brand Saver Coupon Insert: The usual, + Buy a Swiffer Starter Kit, get a refill free and Buy a can of Swiffer Dust and Shine, get one free; BOGO Old Spice products, and of course plenty of coupons that match up with Jewel-Osco's P&G Catalina deal (see below).

SmartSource Coupon Insert: $2/1 Huggies or $3/1 Huggies Pure & Natural, $.55/1 Hershey's Bliss Bar, $.55/1 TomCat mousetrap, $.75/1 Reynold's Wrap, $1/3 Reese's, Hershey or Kit Kat bags which also matches up with the CVS candy deal (see below), $1/1 Krunchers Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, two $1/1 Mountain High 32 oz. yogurt.

Hasbro PlaySaver Coupon Insert: (If you don't get the paper you can get the same coupons online, plus a bunch more like $2/1 Mr. Potato Head.)


Free Fullbar Fit appetite control bar after $1.99 Register Rewards

Free Emergen-C after $3.49 RR

Free Hyland's Cold n Cough 4 Kids after $4.99 RR -- moneymaker if you use the $1.50/1 printable coupon (thanks Common Sense With Money!)

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion 99 cents after $5.99 RR

Pampers jumbo packs are $6.99 after RR, and you might have gotten a $3/1 coupon in a mailer If not, use the $1/1 from today's P&G Saver.

For the full Walgreen's deals, see Common Sense With Money.


Welch's grape juice is 2/$5 after $1 ECB. Use two $1/1 from the 9/12 Smart Source to get them for $1.30 each.

I have a $3/$15 coupon from the in-store coupon printer, and I think I'll use it to get my Halloween candy early and stash it in the basement freezer:

Buy 4 bags Reese's or Kit Kat for $10. Buy 5 bottles Dawn dish soap for 96 cents each. Use one $1/3 from SmartSource. Use five $1/1 Dawn (I got these in a special booklet at BlogHer.) Total should be $15 before coupons, $9 plus tax after coupons. Use the $3/$15 store coupon, and I'll pay $6 plus tax, and get back $3 for a final cost to me of $3 for a big bowl of Halloween candy and a year's worth of dish soap.

For a full list of CVS deals, including a free Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush, see Money Saving Mom.


I actually don't see any deals worth reporting in the Target ad. Am I missing something?

Menards -- mail in rebates require a $10 non-rebate purchase

free Physique shampoo or conditioner after $6 mail-in rebate

Super Hook 20-piece set 29 cents after $3 MIR

Eyewear repair kit 19 cents after $3 MIR

folding utility knife 99 cents after $3 MIR

Toys R Us

They put Hasbro stuff on sale to coordinate with the PlaySaver Hasbro insert. Cheapest thing I see is the Strawberry Shortcake Berry Cruiser RC, $4.99 after the $10/1 coupon.

Lots of gift card deals:

$25 gift card with any Mario purchase of $100 or more

$10 GC with Star Wars purchase of $50 or more

$5 GC with SW purchase of $30 or more

$15 GC when you buy 2 Pampers value boxes (see coupons above)

and then, if I'm reading this right, if you buy any of these things in addition ot the Pampers, you can get more $5 GCs: Tide detergent 150 oz. or larger, Dreft 100 oz. or larger, Pampers value box wipes, Pampers Extra Protection diapers mega pack, Pampers Easy Ups 60-68-ct., Charmin toilet paper 30-ct., Bounty giant paper towels 12 ct. With no prices listed it's hard to see how this compares to Jewel-Osco's P&G Catalina deal.

Speaking of which ...


The Proctor and Gamble Catalina deal is this: Spend $30 on select products in a single transaction, get a $10 coupon to spend on your next order. See my intro to Catalina deals to learn how these special deals work, but keep in mind that if you are calculating the amount you spent on pre-Preferred price, Osco items don't have Preferred prices so they don't work that way.

Promising-looking items in this deal are the 100 oz. Tide liquid at $9.99 (use $2/1 coupons from various magazines), 12-ct. Charmin for $6.99, 3-pack Puffs for $4.99, and Big Pack Pampers for $19.99. A good filler to make sure you spend $30 is the $1.50 can of Pringles. Match with coupons from today's P&G Brand Saver.

Please let me know if you try this deal. I do notice that the Tide, Bounty paper towels ($9.99 for 8 giant rolls), Charmin and Puffs have little badges saying "Preferred Price," so you might be able to get a spread on those.

The Sunday Jewel ad also has that $2/1 Bacardi coupon -- but not the $3/1 Sauza tequila. 

Dominick's weekend update has Super Coupons for Huggies jumbo packs diapers at $7.99 -- so break out your expired $3/1 coupons. There's also a SC for Tide 50 oz. @ $5.99 -- but the P&G deal should get you a better price even before you get your $10 coupon back; at Jewel it's $10 for 100 oz., so even before the deal that's $5 per 50 oz.

JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores has a coupon for 50% off any regular price item, good all week.

Michael's has the usual 40% off one item coupon, and they're having a "Duk Tape Costume Demo" on Saturday, Oct. 2, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Intriguing. 

Carson Pirie Scott has a coupon for 20% off sale price shoes and bags.

Office Max has two-day deals good Sunday and Monday only, including $50 off a cross-cut shredder, making it $49.99. I need that. Too bad I don't have those MaxPerks available yet.

Print Coupons at New Jewel-Osco Web Site

Not content to let Dominick's hog the spotlight with its new Just for U savings program, Jewel-Osco redesigned its Web site and now has printable coupons up there. They're RedPlum coupons, so printing them may eliminate the ability to print two of each coupon at the RedPlum site. Or, maybe not. I haven't tried printing from the new Jewel site, have you?

Avenu, Jewel's personalized savings program, still looks the same. And speaking of Avenu, I'm seeing $1 off Mitchum antipersperant on mine. So if you have a Mitchum man like I do, you might want to clip the $.75/1 from the 9/12 SmartSource and check the shelf price to see if the combined $1.75 savings brings it down to a reasonable price.

Jewel-Osco Deals and Coupon Matchups, Week of 9/23

Stuff to buy at Jewel today because it will be more expensive tomorrow: Campbell's tomato soup is 39 cents today (moneymaker after printable coupon), will be 67 cents tomorrow. 5 lb. bags of Gold Medal flour are 99 cents today if you buy 6 -- I don't know what the price iwll be tomorrow but the ad shows Jewel flour for $1.99 for the same size bag.

Here are the best of this week's grocery deals at Chicago grocery store Jewel-Osco: the best grocery sales, all the buy one get one free deals, the best special offers and the manufacturer's coupons. And guess what? There aren't many special anything, yet again -- no Catalina deal, few BOGOs which is apparently a permanent change. It's no wonder I'm spending more time at Dominick's lately, where at least I can use my expired coupons.

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New Grocery Shopping Budget and My Frugal Grocery Shopping This Week

I've been lax about reporting my grocery spending over the summer, but now that it's the first day of fall, I suppose it's time to put the house in order. I have had a hard time sticking to the $80 per month budget while buying the weekly organic produce box and trying to pay off the two humanely-raised meat purchases we made last year. In fact, I just couldn't do it.

This year, we are planning on buying a portion of a beef and a pig again -- although our beef portion will be smaller -- and I'm still getting the organic produce box. So I'm changing my weekly shopping budget to a more realistic $100 a week.

This will include household goods that you buy at drugstores and grocery stoers -- diapers, cleaning products, toothpaste (as if we ever pay for that).

This week I spent $77: $12.18 at Dominick's, $17.30 at Jewel-Osco, $11 at Dunkin Donuts (on whole bean coffee), $4 at CVS (milk, lipstick, mainly just rolling ECBs) and my usual $32 on the organic produce box. 

Next week I'll resume cataloging the meals we make with our $100 weekly spending. This week, I'd just like to point out some bargain shopping priciples illustrated in the week's shop.



That seltzer water? Got those for $1.79 each with a rain check, and although the rain check was for five cases, the cashier let me buy 2 and just amend the raincheck so I could get the remaining 3 later.

30 pounds of white flour: Well, baking seasons's a-coming, especially with all those apples we got this weekend! (I didn't count in my shopping budget the $40 we spent on entrance to the apple picking place since that was basically entertainment.) The 5 lb. bags of flour were part of the "buy 6, get them for 99 cents each" sale at Jewel, and I didn't want any of the other stuff like cake mix or frosting right now. 20 cents a pound is the cheapest I've ever bought white flour, you?

The organic olive oil is still on sale for $3.99, regular price $10.49. Trader Joe's sells this size (17 oz) normally for $3.50, but not organic. Course, I really don't know how the quality compares or if this is a good thing to buy organic, but for $3.99, what the heck?

Campbell's tomato soup at 39 cents, minus two $.50/2 coupons = 11 cents a can. You won't normally do better than that, except right now -- because you can print and use the $1.50/3 "Great for Cooking" soups, which I didn't have handy today. Yep, you'll make money on tomato soup or get it free.

Baking soda is an all-around frugal thing to have around -- deodorizer, ingredient of homemade cleaning fluid, volcano-maker. It's one of those things you don't see deep discounts on, so even though the store brand was only marked down a dime, I grabbed one. I'm wondering: Does Costco, etc., sell the stuff in bulk?

Pearled barley: another item with tiny sale markdowns but it's a good frugal buy -- more nutritious than brown rice.

Split peas: ditto -- small markdown, but a cheap, good meal ingredient.

Elsewhere this week, I discovered that Dunkin' Donuts can be a good place to buy whole bean coffee. If you get those little booklets of coupons in the mail, look for a coupon for two pounds of coffee for $10.99. Now notice that 12 oz. of DD brand coffee is "on sale" at CVS for $6.99. Most of the time I don't see whole bean coffee in stores for less than $5.99/12 oz. bag. (Sometimes you'll get 8 O'Clock brand for $4 with a coupon, or a really good coupon deal on Starbucks coffee, but usually, no.) In case math is not your strong suit, here's how this compares: Two 16 oz. bags for $10.99 = $5.50 per bag or 34 cents an ounce. The CVS price is 58 cents an ounce.

Do you have basic frugal grocery shopping principles like this? Staple inexpensive, healthy ingredients, or surprising places to get an item cheap? Please share.

Sunday Tribune Ads and Coupons - Make Money Buying Deodorant

Parade has a coupon for $2/2 Glade 9.7 oz. Premium Room Sprays

Sears has a coupon for an extra 15% off regular and sale priced apparel, footwear and accessories, good 9/10-9/26. According to the ad, you could also get the same 15% off coupon by texting "fall" (3255) to 50101.

Jewel-Osco's weekend update has buy one, get one free Jenni-O turkey breast. Also a $2/1 manufacturer's coupon for Bacardi rum, which expires 9/26. I love turkey and rum, don't you?

The Dominick's update has new Super Price Coupons (require $10 purchase, can be stacked with manufacturer's coupons): Smuckers Preserves or Jam 18 oz. for $1.99, Jif peanut butter 18 oz. $1.49. Happily, there's a coupon in the 8/8 Redplum for $1 off if you buy 1 Smuckers and 1 Jif, so for $2.50 you're in happy school lunch land. Just add bread.

CVS has a moneymaker this week, and may I say it's about time? Make $1 buying Right Guard deodorant thusly: Buy 2 @ $2.99 each, use the $3/2 coupon from, and get $2 ExtraBucks back per stick. So after the coupon you're paying $3, then getting $4 back. CVS also has Revlon lipstick for $1: Buy one for $6, use $1/1 from the 8/15 or 9/12 SmartSource, pay $5 and get $5 Extra Bucks back. (Ooh, Mashup Mom just reminded me that there's a $2/1 Facebook coupon that makes the lipstick free.)

 Aaand, pretty good deal on Huggies diapers: 2/$14.98 after $3 ECB. If you get home mailers, you may have two $1.50/1 coupons on hand, whcih would bring them down to $6 a jumbo pack.

For a full list of this week's CVS deals, see Money Saving Mom.

Walgreens has Quaker Oats for 50 cents after coupon -- it's $1.50 for the 18 oz. cannister of quick oats; use the $1/1 from the 9/12 SmartSource to get it for 50 cents. Reach floss or toothbrushes are 99 cents with in-ad coupon. Have you ever looked for coupons for Reach at your dentist? I got a bunch for $2/1 coupons there, lucky me.

Target has an adorable owl shirt for infant and toddlers for just $5. And KitchenAid appliances and cookware are all 20% off, included -- you know it -- the stand mixer. Other than that, I don't see any deals of note.

Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World's database.

Jewel-Osco Deals Week of Sept. 16

I'm just writing up the Jewel-Osco deals today because I didn't get an ad in my Tribune and had to walk over to the store today to pick one up. I wouldn't really say it was worth waiting for, but here it is.

99 cents when you buy 6: Betty Crocker Whipped frosting, cake mix, 5 lbs. Gold Medal flour, 5.1 oz. Bisquick Shake 'n Pour and some other stuff. That's a good price for flour. There are coupons in the 8/8 General Mills coupon insert for many of these.

Buy 3 12-packs Coke (or 6-pack or 8-pack bottles) @ $3.34, get free box of Ritz or Triscuits. So that's like getting each of those 4 items for $2.50.

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No Jewel-Osco Sales to Report Today

I didn't get the ad in my Tribune! I will have to wait until tomorrow to pick one up in store and write up the Jewel-Osco sales and deals for the week.

People post scans of these ads on Couponers Wanted, but you do have to register to see them. And you have to post stuff to stay registered -- they don't like lurkers!

Jewel-Osco Catalina Craziness

I'm kind of on a break from aggressively scooping up grocery deals lately. I think it's necessary for extreme couponers to allow themselves to step back when it becomes a bit much, otherwise it's just not fun anymore, and if it's not fun, it's not worth it.

But if you're all systems go, check out Mashup Mom's post about coupons for free pop 12-packs printing out when you buy a bunch of Chex Mix, which is already part of Jewel-Osco's instant savings deal this week.

Then there's this $1.50/1 Pillsbury Sweet Moments coupon, which can also become a freebie by combining deals at Jewel. (Or at Dominick's by combining with e-coupons you may already have on your card.)

What are Catalina deals, you ask? I explain Catalinas from the ground up in this Wise Bread post.

Grocery Updates for the Weekend

Before I wrap up the budget gifting portion of the Frugalista Challenge and close entries for that $100 drawing, here are a few grocery coupon deals to help you if you're shopping tomorrow:

1) Jewel-Osco just emailed out a coupon for $2 off chicken. I can't post it because my email is acting wierd, but if you sign up for emails here you should get your own.

2) I got some Catalina alerts for the very same General Mills products that are in that Jewel "$5 instant savings" deal, for Old El Paso products (buy 6, get $3), Pillsbury dough (buy 6, get $3), and Green Giant vegetables (buy 8, get $3). Mashup Mom shows you how to use these Cats to turn a meiocre deal into a good one.

(If you don't know what Catalina deals are, read my Catalina intro.)

3) Money Saving Mom posted this $1/1 coupon for any Horizon product -- including the "juicebox" of organic milk. (After the coupon prints, you'll hear some creepy sounds of giggling kids. I thought my kids had somehow snuck back in the house from their mandated outdoor playtime.

Jewel-Osco Deals and Coupon Matchups Week of Sept. 9

Here are the best deals and coupon matchups for Jewel-Osco for the week of Sept. 9. Don't forget to print Jewel-Osco's official coupon policy so cashiers don't give you any guff.
California red green or purple grapes 99 cents/lb.
Doritos $1.88
Jewel sugar 4 lb. or vegetable oil 48 oz. $1.88
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Crush 2 L 88 cents
Lipton Tea 1.5L 88 cents
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Jewel-Osco Deals and Coupon Matchups - Labor Day Week and Free Kraft Cheese, Possible Free Watermelon

Before we begin: Mashup Mom reports they're having a 1-day sale today only. Hm.

Labor Day means sales on hot dogs and the like, but what's this? Free Kraft cheese at Jewel-Osco? See below for the Catalina and coupon combo that makes this happen.

And, here's a chance to try something tricky using the Jewel-Osco official coupon policy, available only on Frugalista:

The ad says, "SAVE $3.48 on any whole seedless watermelon with purchase of one Absolute 750 ml. with in-store coupon."

The coupon policy says, "Illinois/Iowa: Liquor Coupons that state they are redeemable on a purchase of liquor and a non-alcoholic item are redeemed without the customer having to purchase the liquor item."

Watermelons are $3.48. So it would seem that the free in-store coupon should get you a free watermelon with no vodka purchase required, if you wave around the coupon policy. PLEASE share in the comments if you try this.


24-pack Ice Mountain water $2.99, limit 2 (I think CVS has a similar water deal going.)

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Sunday Ads Deals and Coupons: Free House Wash, Free Tampons, $1 Off Nutella

Well, it's late Sunday afternoon, but if you still haven't decided whether to pick up a Sunday Tribune, here's what's in that plastic bag of ads.

Parade has coupons for $1/2 Libby's fruit products and $1/3 canned vegetables, and another for 60 cents off 1 Kellogg's Raisin Bran.

There's a P&G BrandSaver that includes several BOGO coupons as well as a mail-in form for that P&G Everyday Solutions coupon book -- but you have to spend $50 on P&G products first. The total is before coupons, so if you have any amazing P&G deals planned, it could be worth it. Personally, I am too busy these days to jump through all those hoops.

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Jewel-Osco Coupon Policy for Download

I just figured out how to post the Jewel-Osco official coupon policy as a document you can download. This way, it has the company logo and all the other official things that Jewel put in, so it looks like the official document it is if you need to show it to your local cashier or manager.


Here is the post version of Jewel-Osco's coupon policy, and here is my commentary on Jewel's coupon policy, which is a good place for you to comment as well.

(And in case you're wondering, a Jewel spokesperson was nice enough to email the document to me. It's not yet available on their Web site, but it's not a leaked document or anything.)

Noteworthy Sections of the Official Jewel-Osco Coupon Policy

I recently posted Jewel-Osco's official coupon policy, which you should print out and keep in your coupon file to head off any trouble with cashiers trying to deny legitimate coupons. Here are a ten sections worth special attention:

1. "Coupons are a form of tender..."

I like that they say this because it's a reminder that coupons are a legitimate way to pay for something -- not a way to sneak out of paying.

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Official Jewel-Osco Coupon Policy

Today I have a special treat for you -- I've been saving it until we began this grocery savings leg of The Frugalista Challenge. A Jewel-Osco official recently emailed me their official coupon policy. Woot! I haven't seen this anywhere else on the Web. It may be a Frugalista exclusive. Am I wrong?

If you are a hard-core couponer, you'll want to print this out and keep it with you when you shop at Jewel. (You can download the original document for print-out here.)

I highlighted a few interesting sections, which are discussed in this follow-up post about Jewel's coupon policy.



 The following policy and guidelines provide a definition of the various coupon types and the Company's respective redemption policies and guidelines for each type. All associates are expected to adhere to these policies and guidelines.

 Coupons are a form of tender presented by the customer to reduce their order total based on merchandise purchased in stores where the retailer has agreed to accept manufacturer coupons. Retailers are not required by law to accept manufacturers' coupon. Coupons can be printed and/or in electronic form, and maybe integrated into the register systems where they are deducted automatically when all purchase requirements are met. Coupons can not be doubled.

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Jewel-Osco Deals and Coupon Matchups - Week of August 26: Free Ken's Salad Dressing

This week the big Jewel-Osco deals I see are free Ken's salad dressing after coupon, cheap 12-packs pop when you buy 4 and $1 Goldfish crackers. Unfortunately I think all the Goldfish coupons are now expired. There's a "10 for $10" sale, but you Frugalistas know that this just means a bunch of items are on sale for $1 each -- you don't have to buy 10. So I just listed the best deals of those in the regular all-week sales.

It seems that some changes at Jewel-Osco are becoming permanent, from the looks of this flyer. Still only a couple buy-one-get-one-free items and no Catalina deal, only an "instant savings" offer that takes 50 cents off per item. Hmph.

Buy 10, Save $5 Instantly Deal (ConAgra)

Ad lists Marie Callender's and Healthy Choice meals @ $2, Pam spray @ $2.50, Wesson @ $2, Reddi Wip @ $2.99, Egg Beaters (15-16 oz.) @ $2.99, Snapple @ $4.49 and 7-Up @ $2.49 per 6-pack .5L bottles, Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn 6-pack $2.99

Wasn't this the deal that overlapped with a Catalina last year leading me to fill the trunk of my car with Dr Pepper? I got so sick of Dr Pepper from the bottle (I prefer from the can) that if this were to turn into a moneymaker this year, I swear I would give all the pop away. Hold me to my word, readers!

I don't see many coupons for Con-Agra out there right now: Just $1/1 Reddi Wip from August All You. Am I missing some? Please share.

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