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Stocked Up for Halloween at CVS

Does that look like enough candy for Halloween? Well, I'll probably get at least two more bags next time I come in, to use up a coupon that printed out at the end of my receipt today.


You can't see the Snickers, but this is 11 bags of "fun size" M&Ms and Snickers, each about 9-10 oz., at $1 a bag after combined store and manufacturer's coupons. They're priced $2 a bag through Tuesday, and I used a $1/2 store coupon and two $.50/1 peelie manufacturer's copuons on each pair of bags.

Is that actually a good deal, about 10 cents an ounce or slightly more? I sure hope so. Even the Frugalista sometimes does not have time to do extensive price research, so if I find out that I could have bought 60-oz. bags for $5 each I'll be annoyed. Oh well, I also got to burn ExtraBucks by buying them at CVS, so that's always a plus.'

Last year I got all my candy for free or close to it through Kmart Super Doubles. But still, $10-$15 for all of it ain't bad. 

How much did you spend -- or do you plan to spend -- on Halloween candy?

Feel Free to Wait for a Sale: No Shortage of Canned Pumpkin This Year



I saw some canned pumpkin at the grocery store last week, and I was almost tempted to snatch it up, for full price, just because I remember there being a shortage last year. But, don't panic. News reports all over are saying there's no pumpkin shortage this year. Feel free to wait for it to go on sale, if you need it.

It's funny, the impulse we get to grab what is considered valuable. Even though I don't think I have ever made a pumpkin pie from canned pumpkin. I think I've only made one or 2 pumpkin pies, ever. And there is an organic pie pumpkin sitting on my kitchen cart from the CSA.

Despite the fact that I don't really need any, I'm still happy to hear about the widespread availability of canned pumpkin. Why? Because it's one of those items that may go on deeeeep discount clearance prices after Thanksgiving or after Christmas. And if I can get it for 25 cents a can or so? Well, pumpkin is a very healthy food and makes a great additive to breads, rolls, cookies, soups, and heck, I probably will make a canned pumpkin pie, if I can get it at that price.

If I can't find cheap canned pumpkin, maybe I'll get lucky and find a whole bunch of jack-o-lantern pumpkins being given away after Halloween, like I did this one year. Jack o lantern pumpkins taste just ok, but free is free.

Photo by BLW Photography, used via Creative Commons license.


Carter's Baby Dinosaur Costume $7.99, Shipped



Wondering whether it's worth the money to buy a Halloween costume for your tiny baby? You can get this Carter's dinaosaur costume/sleeper for just $7.99 shipped, and still use it as cozy PJs long after Halloween (well, ok, for a few weeks until they grow out of it).

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DIY Halloween Fun

Continuing on the money-saving Halloween theme that we started this week, I wanted to share this post from Chicago Now blog School's In with ideas for making bats from socks (I like crafts where you don't have to pay for supplies), plus ideas for using left over Halloween candy.

Hey wait, you could also read my old post about using up leftover candy by stealing it from them and sneaking it into their Christmas stockings. Cue wicked Mommy laugh!

And I also wrote a Wise Bread post last year called 28 Ways to Have Cheap Halloween Fun. Used blog post, still perfectly good, free to the first taker.

How to Save on Halloween Costumes in Chicago



Yesterday, I listed my ideas for getting a cheap or free Halloween costume using the Internet. Today, let's like at some local options. After all, the kids may want to paw through a bunch of costume options IRL.

1. Find a Costume Exchange -- Or Start One

Oct. 9 is National Costume Swap Day. I love this idea not just for its cheapness but also its greenness and practicality. Most of us moms carefully tuck those costumes away after Halloween for sibling use. It works fine when they're babies -- I'm planning to use our family's first costume ever, a cute homemade monkey outfit, on our third child this year. But once they're in preschool, kids develop these annoying opinions. Maybe little Caden doesn't want to be a lion or a Disney princess like his older brother and sister were. And here you've been devoting precious storage space to those costumes for three years.

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Halloween Costumes Online Update: Sugar Plum Fairy at Target

Just had to point you to this adorable little sugar plum fairy costume that ships free as one of Target's daily deals today. 25% off at $13.49.



Say it with me: Awwwwww.

See the original post for the rest of my ideas on saving on Halloween costumes online. Coming later today: How to save money on Halloween costumes locally.

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