My $100 grocery budget: Stayed just barely under

Here's how I fed my family of five on less than $100 in the Chicago area this week:
I spent $94 on groceries, leaving $6 for me to add to my "buy a cow" fund. That fund now stands at $123.

Continue to see what I blew that $94 on.
I spent $30 at Jewel-Osco running the Catalina deal. That was more than I really needed to spend out of pocket, but I was nervous about whether some of my transactions would work so I paid cash instead of rolling my Catalina coupons. Now I have to hurry up and spend them before they expire.

I spent another $5 at Jewel-Osco on eggs and onions.

At CVS, I spent a TRAGIC $21.60 on Halloween candy, tuna and some ExtraBucks-earing stuff. This was tragic because I forgot my ExtraBucks at home, forgot that I even had any, and ended up spending cash instead. Amateur!

I also stopped by Whole Foods and spent about $6 on cage-free eggs and whole wheat flour.
And then there's that $32 for the produce box.


WEDNESDAY: sausage cooked with greens, leftover mashed potatoes, homemade squash/pumpkin bread
THURSDAY: pork roast in the slow cooker with carrots and potatoes (the last of our pig except the ham, which we can't cook until we get a working oven, and a few more ham hocks for soup.), squash/pumpkin bread.
FRIDAY: dinner = takeout from Klay Oven on a Groupon
SATURDAY: lunch = out to eat on a Groupon, dinner = leftovers + Mrs. T's Pierogies
SUNDAY: dinner = homemade soup made with stock from beef soup bones and vegetable trimmings, rutabaga, onion, garlic and some other vegetables I forgot, plus homemade squash bread.
MONDAY: lunch = leftovers and fresh squash, dinner = kale cooked in french onion soup and broth over homemade bread, topped with a fried egg
TUESDAY: breakfast = leftovers, toast, fruit. lunch = microwavable french fries, canned soup, pears, carrot sticks. dinner = spaghetti with jar sauce with grated organic carrots and chopped zucchini and garlic, sauteed greens with garlic, shredded cheese

(Notice more vegetarian dinners than usual? We're practically out of meat. I will probably buy a whole chicken or two when I finally get around to going to Trader Joe's, but otherwise I've been just squeaking by making soup with the odds and ends from the pig and cow that once filled our freezer, and some other stockpiled protein. I'm not sure when our 2010 cow meets his maker; pretty soon, I imagine.)



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