Jewel-Osco Catalina Updates

I didn't go to the grocery store this weekend. What, during a hot Catalina deal with free food galore? I know, I'm getting soft. But in case you didn't notice, it was a sunny fall weekend and there was a lot of leaf-raking and leaf-jumping to do, not to mention cooking pots of homemade beet and split pea soup and making loaves of squash bread. Also, we watched Babies twice on Netflix. It's that good.

Fortunately, other coupon queens are harder working than I am. Here are some of the fruits of their labor:

  • Jill Cataldo has a beautiful list of potential transactions for this General Mills Catalina deal, complete with very good instructions on what she calls playing Jewel Catalinas the "Black Belt way," (i.e. playing the spread). I like her scenario for making money buying Pillsbury Grands, which I hadn't even thought about. Hey family, I'm bringing the rolls for Thanksgiving!
  • Jill also posted a spreadsheet showing the UPC of every product included in the deal.
  • SMBKA, one of the coupon experts at Couponers Wanted, posted this spreadsheet for planning your own deals. I don't entirely get it because I'm not a spreadsheet person (I like to do the math in my head as I push my kids through the grocery store aisles, crazy, I know) but if you are, it looks helpful.
  • Mashup Mom's readers have lots of scenario ideas to share. And here is the loot Mashup Mom picked up herself.

Just a couple lazy little things from me:

  • a $1.50/1 Sweet Moments printable coupon I found all on my own
  • I just noticed that there's a $.50/2 Swiss Miss in the 10/3 SmartSource (This product is not even part of this deal! Ignore the crazy coupon lady mumbling in the corner.)
  • Some of you have mentioned the soups you select not working. There are several ways to make sure you're picking participating products:

1) If you're lucky, your store tagged the participating ones, so stick to the tags.

2) Check that UPC list above

3) Make sure it rings up at the advertised price. The soups that people were buying that didn't work rang up at $2.19 pre-card, while the "on sale" ones ring up at $2 pre-card. So if one item out of a bunch rings up different, I would ask the cashier to void it and replace it with the correct item.

Now it's time for an update from you. Have you done the deal? Results? How is your local Jewel looking -- depleted or freshly stocked?



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loretta said:

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Squash Bread? Recipe please!!

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