General Mills Catalina Deal at Jewel: It's Working Today, Double Dips and Deal Scenarios

I just read up on the very knowledgeable Couponers Wanted forum about the new Jewel-Osco Catalina deal for General Mills products, and here's what I learned:

(This is the "spend $25, get a $10 coupon" I posted about already. If you're new, see this explanation of why Catalina deals are great.)

  • It's already working! Several of the expert couponers in the forum tried it today and got their Catalina coupons. But keep in mind that your store may or may not already have tomorrow's sale prices tagged and working.
  • DOUBLE DIPS: There are small Catalina offers for the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks and frosting and Nature Valley granola bars, leading to a double dip situation. Buy 5 fruit snacks, get a $3 Cat. Buy 4 frostings, get $3. Buy 5 NV get $3.50.
  • There's a $.75/1 original Cheerios coupon as a prize for this sweepstakes offer
  • There is a $1.50/1 Sweet Moments printable coupon here.
Transaction ideas beyond the jump ...
I stopped into Jewel today and noted that Progresso classic and vegetable are $2 PRE-CARD "SALE" PRICE. (This is updated as of 10/14.) 
Buy 13 cans Progresso, for a pre-card total of $26 and a card price of $13
Use $1/4 coupons from the 10/3 GM insert or printable. If you use three $1 coupons, you pay $10 plus tax and get the $10 back. Free soup!
(This makes me glad I didn't buy all that much Healthy Choice soup because we like Progresso much better. And I should have known it was coming since there was plenty of free Progresso at Jewel last fall too. See how these things are seasonal?)


Someone on Couponers Wanted posted that the pre-card price for the Totino's as of recently was $2 each. So if that doesn't change tomorrow, you'll need to buy 13 of those to reach the $25 threshhold. Then you'd owe $13. Use six $1/2 printable coupons from the 8/8 or 9/12 GM inserts, or the printable, and you're paying $7 and getting the $10 Catalina coupon back. Another moneymaker!


Another idea from Couponers Wanted: Recently the boxed GG frozen vegetables that are on sale for $1 rang up at $2 each. So, just like above, if you buy 13, you'll hit the threshhold and pay $13. Use $1/3 coupons from the 9/12 GM insert. If you have four coupons, you're paying $9 and getting $10 back. If you don't have four of those, also get the $.60/3 from the 10/3 GM or $.60/3 printable.


Buy 10 fruit snacks @ $2.50 each to spend exactly $25 before card prices, $20 with card. Use 5 $.50/2 printables or from the 10/3 GM insert. Pay $17.50 and receive two Cats: $10 for the main deal and $3 for the small BC deal, meaning that your final price is $4.50, or 45 cents a box.

Other pre-card prices recorded by CW members: $2.29 frosting, fruit snacks $2.50, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal $2.75, 



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corpusdlc said:

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so I did the progresso deal today.. You have to buy 13. The shelf price says 2.19 but they ring up as if they originally cost 2.00. So you get 1 dollar off with your card. They end up being 1 dollar each, but you gotta buy 13 to make 26 dollars...

FacelessGraceless said:

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I tried today. They rang @ $2.19 each (except for two steak and noodles that rang at $1.49.) No cat. $27 for soup. I'm not amused.

brie said:

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I did this as well. Only 2 of my 13 soups rang up at the wrong price (2.19) but I didn't receive the CAT either. I finally realized it was because those 2 were light soups. Were yours light? I'm thinking that is the problem. I'm going back to Jewel today, hopefully they will be nice to me!

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