Frugalista's new home (Please read this post to avoid being confused and lost in the future!)

Guess what? I have news.

No, I'm not pregnant. (And as an aside to all women of childbearing age out there -- don't you get tired of qualifying every announcement of news by assuring the public that you're not expecting again?)

The news is, Frugalista is moving. This blog is leaving ChicagoNow and settling at ChicagoShopping, a new Tribune Web site that's all about, well, shopping. You'll find me at If you don't remember the URL, at this point you can also find Frugalista by selecting "Tips and Advice" from the tabs at the top of the page. There you should see a section called "Frugalista deals" and a list of my latest posts.

What does this mean for you? 
First of all, it means you can still get all the posts you expect from me: your Wednesday grocery sale write-ups with coupon match-ups, your Sunday ad summaries, heads-up on good Chicago daily deals, freebies and any other screaming deals that cross my path. I'll probably even be adding new features. 

So don't worry about that. Frugalista is not ending. Just moving. And in fact, the old Frugalista posts will still be searchable right here on ChicagoNow. You'll just have to go to ChicagoShopping to read the new stuff.

You will have to adjust your browser bookmarks or whatever you usually use to find me. If you're a subscriber, you can subscribe on the new site by clicking the RSS button near the top of the page or just clicking here. And if you want to get the full benefits of the ChicagoShopping site (see below), it is one more thing you have to register for. But they do let you use your Twitter or Facebook account to sign in, so it's pretty painless. And you do not have to register to read Frugalista.

Oh -- one drawback. You won't be able to comment on most post on the new site -- at first. They'll be adding that functionality within a month or so. But don't worry; I'm setting up a Facebook page and you can do your interacting there. 

What does this mean for me, the Frugalista?
This is a good thing for me. After a year and a half of trying to make some income as a blogger, I am now a Chicago Tribune employee with a regular part-time salary. I even get a cubicle at the Tower where I can periodically escape from my children for hours and hours of uninterrupted productivity!

Which, by the way, is also a good thing for you. There will be more writing coming from the Frugalista from now on; stay tuned at the new site for more news on that.
Oh, it also means I have a new email address: ckirby AT tribune dot com. I'd love to hear what you think about the new site and share any concerns you might have.

What is ChicagoShopping, again?
Besides content from me and such Tribune luminaries as Ellen Warren (love her!), ChicagoShopping has a whole bunch of deals on it. Did that get your attention?

It will have a daily deal under the heading Overwhelming Offers, although that feature is still in beta. It has coupon codes, like this one for $15 off a $75 order at Foot Locker.

ChicagoShopping also sells gift certificates to restaurants, and yesterday the Trib emailed out a coupon code to take 40% off the face value of any of these gift certificates. The code, good through the end of today, is TRIBUNE40.

It doesn't matter to me whether you sign up for ChicagoShopping and use the offers there, or whether you go straight to Frugalista. The new Frugalista blog won't be talking up the deals on ChicagoShopping at the expense of other deals out there. Promoting ChicagoShopping isn't part of my new job; my new job is just to write about deals that I find everywhere. Like I do now. Just in a cubicle instead of at Dunkin' Donuts. (OK, I will still be doing a lot of my posts from Dunkin' Donuts.)

So ... see you soon! I'll be posting this week's grocery deals at Jewel-Osco and Dominick's on the new site later this afternoon.



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Sara said:

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As someone whose been around since Shoplifting With sure do move a lot! ;-) Congrats!

Message from Montie said:


Congratulations on the new part-time job. I'm also new to the Tribune. I checked out Chicago Shopping for the first time today, and I like what I see.

Jackie Tithof Steere said:


Congrats. I'll be sure to follow you there!

Nostrilb said:

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And I just so happened to come to the ChicagoNow site to find your blog. I wanted to see what you had to say about CVS and the new Shrek movie. Anyway, thankfully you still have a link on the site. I will follow you, and sign up now so I don't lose you.

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