Do you use your smart phone to grocery shop?


When I got a smart phone this summer, one of the reasons I wanted it was in order to scan bar codes at the grocery store and hopefully use one of the apps out there to save money. I didn't fantasize that I would save enough to pay the data plan fee, but, well, I thoght it would be neat. 

A couple of billing cycles later, and the only times I've turned on my phone in the grocery store is to use the calculator (nothing like replacing a 99-cent tool with one that retails for $600, lol!) or to send a Tweet about a sale or a price.

It's time to roll up my sleeves and get into these grocery apps that I've heard about. So, which ones should I try?

Do you use any of the smart phone apps out there to keep track of prices, or to manage any other aspect of your grocery shopping? I'd love to hear if any of you have experience with any of them. What apps have you downloaded, and were they useful? 

Here's a list of all kinds of apps I've seen mentioned in the media. Do me a flavor and leave a comment if you've used any of these, or if you have a different one you've tried. I haven't sorted out which are for iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, etc.

Grocery Gadget 
Grocery iQ (
Our Groceries 
Grocery King 
Price Book Comparison Shopper 
Google Shopper 
CompareMe/Unit Price Compare

If nothing you tried was worthwhile, comment on this: What would be the ideal grocery shopping app?

Photo by See-Ming Lee, used via Creative Commons license.



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BetsyM said:

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I would love an app that could tell me where in the store something is. Not sure if it would be practical for grocery stores since they rearrange their shelves so often, but it would be so nice to type in what I'm looking for and be told while aisle it's in. It would save me a ton of time because I feel like I am always running up and down the aisle looking for an employee who can help me out.

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