These Are the Groceries I Paid for ... But Look at the Groceries I Got!

You know those Empire commercials, right? "I paid for this much carpeting," showing a tiny patch of carpet in a bare room, "But look at the carpeting I got!"

Tonight I felt that way at Jewel-Osco. I paid $31 plus tax in two transactions. If I was paying full price with no coupons, I could have afforded this:

(That'd be three bags of coffee.)

But with manufacturer's coupons, a store coupon, instant savings, Preferred Card prices, Catalina coupons and even an Avenue "personalized savings" deal, I got all this for my $31:



Is it any wonder that we get hooked on couponing?

Here's how it went down:

Transaction 1:

Bounty 8 Giant Rolls $9.99 Preferred Card price/$14.99 pre-card

Tide 100 oz.               $9.99/$14.49

Pringles $1.50

Mrs. T's Pierogies BOGO @ $3.49

Starbucks 12 oz. @ $6.99 x 4 =  $27.97

Cheerios 14 oz. $2.50

cage free eggs $3


Total before any coupons or discounts (except card prices): $58.44 plus tax

MINUS $1 Avenu savings on the Bounty: $57.44

MINUS $7.50 instant savings on the Starbucks/Cheerios $49.94

MINUS $5 Jewel coupon from the mail -- spend $50, get $5 off (I was 6 cents under but it went through) $44.94

MINUS $9 manufacturer's coupons ($2/1 Tide from a magazine, four $1/1 Starbucks from the 9/12 SmartSource, $1/1 Bounty from a booklet I got at BlogHer, two $1/1 Mrs. T's Pierogies from the Save $70 booklet at Dominick's) $35.94

MINUS the $10 Catalina coupon I got for buying $30 worth of P&G products

-----> FINAL PRICE $25.94 plus tax

Transaction 2:

12 Big Roll Charmin $6.79/$9.49

100 oz. Tide               $9.99/$14.49

Mr. Clean @ $2.50/$3.85 x 2 = $5/$7.70


Total before any coupons or discounts (except card prices): $21.78

MINUS $6.49 manufacturer's coupons ($2/1 Tide from a magazine, $1/1 Charmin from the BlogHer booklet, and $3.49 for the BOGO Mr. Clean coupon from the 8/29 P&G Saver, and FYI I told her it was on sale for $2.50 but she put in $3.49 anyway.) -- $15.29

MINUS $10 coupon for my next order for buying $30 worth of P&G stuff

------> FINAL PRICE $5.29 plus tax

The sale prices, the coffee/cereal deal and the P&G Catalina all end tomorrow, so if you want to copy this, don't dawdle. Mashup Mom and her readers have more transaction ideas here.



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Noah said:

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It appears that they've extended the P&G Catalina deal, as it shows on the back page of today's Jewel-Osco ad.

I notice that it says "Minimum purchase requirement calculated after manufacturer's coupons." Does that mean you can only play the spread for reduction of actual cost (e.g. for argument's sake, if you buy 2 items that have non-card prices of $15, card prices of $10, and you have a $2/2 manufacturer's coupon, you would not qualify for the Catalina coupon?)

Carrie Kirby said:


Hi Noah,

Awesome, I didn't realize the P&G Cat was still going. Note that prices may change with the new ad, even on things that aren't in the ad.

I don't know what that text means. On Couponers Wanted, people speculated that it's an attempt to stop shoppers from playing the spread. However, the spread still works just fine, as evidenced by my two transactions -- I paid less than $30 for the stuff, and the Catalina still printed each time.

There's really nothing they can do about this short of changing their technology so that the coupon does not print. After all, there is nothing to stop us from buying $15 of P&G products. If a coupon prints out, that's not our fault!

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