The Good-Enough Bargain Shopper

Two morals of today's shop:

1) Even if you don't execute every deal perfectly, you're still saving money if you get most of the discounts you're going for.

2) Mine your coupons for those high-value Qs to use at Dominick's, which is so kind as to still accept expireds.

Last night while we watched a movie from the library ("Milk," which was not as amazing as a lot of people said but interesting and compelling enough), I reorganized my coupon file and found several high-value expired coupons. Lucky for me, some of those turned out to be useful in my first shopping trip of the week, to Dominick's.



I spent $12.18, after all coupons, sales and a $5 Catalina coupon from Jewel. I also received a $5 Catalina, so that's a wash and $12.18 is my final total. I didn't execute perfectly -- now that I think of it, I might been able to get most of these cleaning products totally free instead of paying $2 for all five of them, or even make money on them. And I might have been able to make money on the Mission Tortilla chips. Still -- it's a good haul for $12.18.

The 5 cleaning products you see were the Catalina deal -- spend $15 and get a $5 coupon back. I had a $3 CRT coupon sitting around from Jewel that made the 409 free once I convinced the checker to reduce it. For the $2.50 Soft Scrubs, I had $2/1 coupons, two expired printables, one from RecycleBank. I might have been able to use the Super Coupon from Sunday to bring the price of those down to $1.99, but I was afraid that this would mess up the $15 I was supposed to spend and cause me to not get the Catalina. Anyway, I think the Sunday ad only shows regular Soft Scrub and it probably wouldn't have worked on these sprayable ones.

The two bags Mission tortillas for 55 cents each after combining store coupons and an old $1.50/2 tearpad. These were supposed to have an e-coupon but somehow I misplaced my Dominick's card again so I was using my old phone number which isn't the same as the account where I load my coupons, but who cares because other people were reporting that the e-coupon wasn't coming off anyway.

My other mistake was promising my 3-year-old that we'd be buying milk and cookies with a $1 off milk when you buy Nabisco coupon I'd found in the file, only realizing when we got there that the $1.99 Nutter Butters and Oreos was a 3-day sale, now over. Oh well, she was too whiny to deserve cookies anyway.

The DiGiorno pizza was $1 after the store Super Coupon brought it to $4 and the $3/1 coupon I found in my file took care of the rest.

The nitrate-free ham was $1.45 a pack after blinkie coupon, which by the way are still available at the Dominick's in Oak Park. I think I'm stocked for school lunches for a long time now!

Oh, and all those vegetables in the picture are our $32 worth of organic produce from Angelic Organics. So, add it up and I have already spent $44 on groceries this week -- pretty good haul though, eh?

P.S. Why no Healthy Start juice for 50 cents after coupon? I picked those up yesterday.



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