Join Amazon Mom for Free Prime and 30% Off Diapers and Wipes



Have you heard about Amazon Mom yet? Sign up for this "free membership program" today, and you'll get a free three-month trial of Amazon Prime, which should take you right up to Dec. 9.

But wait? You won't be done Christmas shopping by Dec. 9? No problem: "For each $25 you spend within a single order in the The Baby Store,we'll grant you an additional month of Amazon Prime shipping benefits. You can earn up to one year from the date you joined Amazon Mom."

 What to buy in the Baby Store? I dunno, how about Diapers and Wipes for 30% off on Subscribe & Save? Remember that great 30% off deal? Apparently it will be permanent for Amazon Mom members. And you should still be able to stack those two codes from the September issues of Parents and Parenting to get an additional 20% off per code.

If you're like me and collect Swagbucks to cash in for Amazon gift cards, then you're probably like me in thinking that you'll never buy diapers anywhere but Amazon from now on. Unless they're totally free.

What's the catch? Oh, I guess you have to tell them some information about your family so they can send you personalized emails. I know. More selling of our presonal lives, piece by piece. Facebook, anyone?

Seriously, I am 99% thrilled about Amazon's new trend of personalized offers -- this one for caregivers and no you don't really have to be a mom, plus Amazon Student. The other 1% is just bummed that I already made my diaper order with those coupon codes, so I can't use it toward my first $25 purchase. Here's hoping there will be more codes in the October issues, or that I see some copies with coupons in the doctor's office, so I can order another round.

What if you just joined Prime? Amazon is so awesome, they'll even cancel your current Prime membership and give you a refund for unused months if you want to sign up for this instead. And let me insert a totally unpaid plug for Amazon right here: Whenever you want to cancel something, be it Subscribe and Save or a free trial or a purchase, they always make it easy. They never try to trick you into paying for things you don't want. I love that.

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aditd said:

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Thanks for the tip. I'll use it when updating

FacelessGraceless said:

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FYI, I signed up for Amazon Mom and ordered Tuesday night, and my case of diapers was on my porch today. I'm excited for the free shipping through Christmas. Thanks for the tip about a $25 order extending it -- my diapers were only $19.99, but now I know for next time. :)

Carrie Kirby said:


Oh, yeah -- I didn't even notice that it says $25 in the same order. I wonder if there is a diaper pack that is even expensive enough to be over $25 on S&S with all the discounts available.

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