Dominick's Trip: 50-cent Bag of Tater Tots, Great Pizza Coupon That Doesn't Work, More Updates



Today I stopped into Dominick's because I realized only after my kitchen was covered with spilled flour that we were out of eggs, which we needed for the muffins my 3-year-old and I were trying to bake. While I was there, I spent $15.56 on the above and I made lots of exciting discoveries:

1) New Coupon Book. It says "50 Coupons to Save on Frozen, Dairy and Refrigerated Items! OVER $70 in savings"



Some are manufacturer's coupons, some store coupons, and the last coupon in the book says $1 off Safeway SELECT Pizza. Well! As you know, there is a super price coupon in this week's Dominick's ad that takes $1 off Safeway SELECT pizzas, making them $2.99 instead of $3.99. Both are store coupons, but I had hope that since the Super Price coupons are really more like just a sale price, not a $X/X coupon, they'd both come off.

Well, they didn't. Actually, the way it rang up was weird. One pizza rang up at $2.99, with "CardSav" of $1. The other pizza rang up as $3.99 and the Super Coupon showed up as a $1 discount at the end of the receipt. But the store coupon from the booklet rang up as $0.

Also of interest in the new coupon book: a manny for $3/2 Ore-Ida products, which are $1.99, limit 4, with Super Coupon. So you can get two bags of Tater Tots for $1! And, $1/1 Mrs. T's Pierogies, which are BOGO this week at Jewel @ $3.49. So, two boxes for $1.49, or 75 cents each.

2) Those Finish dishwasher tabs are actually on sale through 9/29. And there IS a package with 60 tabs that's part of the BOGO @ $11.99 sale. It was RIGHT BELOW the ones I bought with 36. It is a different kind without that little red powerball. I think I'm going to bring back my unopened pack of 36 and exchange for a pack of 60, and then conduct detailed experiments on whether one works better than the other. Homemaking Science 101! 

3) Stuff on clearance: Hodgson Mill and Bob's Red Mill whole grain products; I got 24 oz. of whole flaxseeds for $2.49, a 12 oz. box of milled flax seed for $1.84 and a box of 9 grain bread mix for $1.72. Also, N and size 2 Mom to Mom diapers were on the clearance shelf marked $3.99 50% off. I _think_ that means that $3.99 was the final price, but if the final price is actually $2, that's a very good deal. Especially if those Mom to Mom coupons are not yet expired -- since it's a store brand I don't think you'll be able to use expired coupons on it. The Mom 2 Mom diapers on the shelf were not marked clearance.

4) Not on sale: Any kind of cage free eggs. Which is what I came for. Sigh.



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mpm said:

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In the newest issue of Consumer Reports the Finish Powerball Tabs were rated 2nd overll with a total score of 77. The Finish Gelpacs were ranked lower at 58. The Powerball Tabs are a CR Best Buy which means best combination of performance and prics

Carrie Kirby said:


Do I have the best readers ON EARTH or what? Thank you!
I'll keep the powerball tabs, then. I have a cranky dishwasher that needs all the help it can get.

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