Prep Time for Tomorrow's Free Gyros Day

I just went to the Kronos Web site and printed out two coupons for each person in my family for tomorrow's Free Gyros Day. I had no problem accessing the site, making me hopeful that the whole event will go more smoothly than last year.



I didn't go last year, but I did hear a report from someone who waited in line for half an hour only to have his local restaurant run out of gyros.

Why did I print two coupons per person? Because I'm not sure which of the two Oak Park locations we'll hit, and you can select your location and have the name of it printed on your coupon. Now, it also says, "Reedemable at any participating location," but I'm not taking any chances.

To check for a location near you, see the drop-down menu on the coupon registration page.

It's funny, the rules also say "ONE COUPON PER PERSON," but it also says, "Please note: You may use different email addresses to print a coupon for a different location." Does that mean we are welcome to hit up two or more different establishments and have more than one free gyros? Oh well, I suppose we should leave some gyros "on the shelf" for others anyway.

The other rule that made me chuckle: "Up to six people per household." I'm taking that to mean that kids can each get their own free gyros, but only if one adult comes with five or fewer kids? So what if my husband and I had five kids, which is unusual but certainly not unheard of? And really, who cares what household we are in? I suppose they just felt like it would be rude to say: "Don't be coming in here with your 10 kids, haven't you ever heard of birth control?"

Because, you know, it would. Be rude, that is.

Whether you're bringing your eight kids or just your one hungry self, I'd love to hear reports from the field tomorrow as you go for the gyros. Comments are open!



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