Last Call for Amazon Diaper Deal with August Magazine Coupon Codes

I hadn't gotten around to posting this, but Amazon has been offering a 30 percent discount on diapers if you use Subscribe & Save, instead of the usual 15%. To sweeten the deal, several magazines -- Parents and Parenting, that I know of -- have cards in their August and September issues with codes for 20% off.

30% off plus 20% off is pretty sweet, but it gets better. Apparently, if you have more than one magazine -- like both the August and September issues of one or the August issue of both Parents and Parenting -- you can input both codes and they will stack. As in, you will get 40% off for two codes or even 60% off for four codes. According to Baby Cheapskate, 3 is the max. And according to Mashup Mom, the 20% comes off the original price, not the discounted Subscribe & Save price.

I think I saw someone report that two codes from the same month's issue of the same magazine, although the numbers and letters may be different, will not stack.

I don't know how long the 30% Subscribe & Save discount will last. But the coupons from August magazine issues expire tomorrow, August 31. So if you are hoping to stack August and September codes together, hurry.

I read about this at Money Saving Mom (who has a post today about cheap magazine subscriptions in case you want to look for future coupons) and Mashup Mom (who has a post about Organic Valley milk "juiceboxes" being on sale at Amazon right now).



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aditd said:

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Thanks for the tip. I'll use it when updating

hotcouponmamas1 said:

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Hey, I am doing a giveaway right now for 8 Amazon diaper codes! You can enter at (my money saving/deal site)!

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