Free Gyros Day Report: Nom Nom Nom

Right at lunchtime today, I stopped by Dino's on the 100 block of Madison in Oak Park with two kids and three Kronos Free Gyros Day coupons. I was very hungry and a bit nervous, remembering reports of long lines and gyros shortages last year.

Well, I was able to park just outside the pizza shop's door at a meter that had 31 minutes left on it. I pulled two sleepy kids out of the car and marched in with our three coupons.

There was no one waiting at the register and only two people eating in the restaurant. There was a sign on the window advertising Free Gyros Day. The staff were a bit hesitant but not rude. At first the woman at the register told me she could only take one coupon per person, but when I gestured to my two kids, the manager told her to ring them up one at a time.

Within a minute or two, I was presented with a bag containing three gyros sandwiches, and we were out of there. Dino's makes a gyros that is very generous on the meat, and a bit heavy on the sauce. Personally I wouldn't mind more onions, but then again more meat vs. more onions is certainly giving you more bang for your buck. If you were paying a buck, that is.

Here are my kids' photo reviews:


Toth: I like it! I really like it! (That baby loves meat and anything salty so it's the perfect combo for Mr. Skinnybones.) 


Pebbles: Food? Again??? Eeeew!!! (Pretty much her reaction at every meal.)

Did you get a free gyros sandwich today? Comment about your experience on this post.



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Jackie Tithof Steere said:


We are planning to go tonight. Bloomingdale or Glen Ellyn. I'd better get on can only print out the coupon 'till 5. Thanks so much for the tip!

Sara said:

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Munchie P's in Geneva was a well oiled machine! We were there at about 6:00, there were two people in line ahead of us and about 8 or 10 people waiting for their orders. They were moving fast and we got our to go gyros in about 10 minutes. Also generous on the meat, nice amount of onions, tomatoes, and sauce. This was my first gyro and I was satisfied...probably wouldn't choose it off the menu if I was paying, but that's just me. But overall I was very impressed with free gyro day!

Jackie Tithof Steere said:


OK, so we went and got 5 free gyros. The line was pretty slow moving, but I don't know how anyone would expect otherwise. They were very good, but the owner warned probably not quite as good as they are normally...with all the rush and all. My husband felt so bad getting 5 sandwiches that he talked me into buying 2 orders of fries. In total spent about $7...$5.50 for the fries and $1.50 for the charitable donation. Still not bad for a dinner out for 5. Thanks so much. Great experience. And we'll go back again. Oh, the owner told me that his location will get $1 back for each coupon turned into headquarters, but it's all OK if people come back. ;)

cloranz said:

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Yup! my hubby and I went to Pete's in Oak Park for lunch and got two free gyros, also heavy on the meat. It was busier than usual probably, but we didn't wait very long at all. I'd say about half the people moving through the line had a coupon in hand at about 1 pm. Thanks for alerting me to this one!

Richard S. said:

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I went to "Off the Tracks" in the loop yesterday. Waited about 40 minutes in line and then about 10 more minutes inside. I got there around 11:15. When I left the line was a lot longer and probably was at least 60 to 75 minute wait.

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