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Bah. I don't believe in this "back to school" phenomenon. Summer is eternal, or it least it can't end until I've attended a summer festival and swum at my friend's neighborhood beach in Hyde Park.

However, my email box believes in back to school, and today it brought you a list of three free little computer programs (aka apps) for your students with their newfangled computers and such.

1) ( - Recently acquired by Plaxo, this free personal scheduling program helps students plan their classes, study time, and social calendar. And yes, it'll send the kids texts when they're supposed to be doing something. Which is good, cause I hear these kids will take all kinds of orders via smartphone that they would just ignore face to face.

2) ( - An advanced Track Changes, this service helps students collaborate on documents by giving them the freedom to send out the same document to everyone in the group at one time, upload each version they send back, and then compare everyone's contribution simultaneously in one view.

3) ( - Automatic bibliography and citation maker enables students to plug in their term paper sources and out comes the Works Cited page in a Microsoft Word document. (Sigh! Why didn't we have this when I was a student?)

This list came from Nordic River, which is not in fact the maker of a combo Nordic Trak/rowing machine but the makers of the middle app there.

  1. Do you guys know of more decent free apps for students? Or if you know of any free appies (as in appetizers), that would be even better.



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