Free at Starbucks: iTunes Downloads

I'm working from Starbucks in the West Loop this morning (pretend like I'm on Foursquare), and I just picked up two cards for free song downloads on iTunes. One of for "The National" by Bloodbuzz Ohio, and the other is for "The High Wire," by Hang From the Lights.

Actually, maybe those song names are band names and song names are band names? The Frugalista is not so hip as to have ever heard of them.

The cards each have a unique code on the back, so I can't share them here, but if you stop in to Starbucks (like to get a free cup of brewed coffee for your empty beans bag, like I just did), look for cards.

Oh, and their wireless is now free for everyone -- you don't hafta have a registered Starbucks card anymore.

And finally, a young woman just gave me her table because she saw me looking for a power outlet and she wasn't using it! If that woman were in a Jane Austen novel, she would be the lovely-but-poor heroine who gets the dashing wealthy baronet in the end.



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emma621 said:

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It's definitely "Bloodbuzz Ohio" by The National. :) They're great, you should check them out!

cloranz said:

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the National is definitely the band, great band! not sure about the other one :)

cloranz said:

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ooh, didn't see the first comment, sorry.

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