The Perfect Dominick's Trip: Saved 100%



I'm enjoying a sunny Memorial Day weekend with family, but I just had to pop in to say that I had the perfect Dominick's trip on the way back from the Oak Park farmer's market.

Yep: Saved 100%. Didn't even pay tax.

I stopped in to see if they still had those O Organic coupons out and if they still had O Organics pasta clearanced to 69 cents a box. Yes on both counts. So I brought my one box of O Organics macaroni up to the register with one coupon, and the cashier of course says she can't take the coupon because it's more than the cost of the item. I ask her to just try scanning it, and she calls the service desk, which tells her to go ahead and scan it. She scans and it does that thing where it adds 1 cent and then takes off 1 cent. She asks me to scan my card, and once I punch in my phone number, the order rings up as "RegPrice 69 cents" and "card savings 69 cents." Therefore, no tax! Free pasta.

Then I walked over to the Starbucks counter and handed over my empty beans bag and they filled my reusable "Oak Park Farmer's Market" cup for free.

Nutmeg and I walked out of the store pushing the sleeping baby in the stroller, and we were both grinning because I did not even get out my wallet for the whole trip.

P.S. My Dominick's also had a bin of Pantene products. The sign said Pantene shampoo was marked down to 99 cents, but the bin was full of styling products. I think there were $1/1 Pantene couposn in the February and March P&G inserts? And there was a $1/1 on the back of the 5/23 Parade? Some or all of these are expired but Dom's takes expireds so that's OK.



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hawk3ye said:


Took me several minutes to find the pharmacy, and a few more to find the O coupons, but I did! Saved $1 off dill and $1 off orange juice - she offered to ring me up separately.

The investment in the Sunday Memorial Day trib really wasn't worth it though. I have one for a good Walgreen's price on Enfamil Premium, nice with the $10 rebate coupons that are up at Jewel. And I think one Jewel coupon.

I did grab that Dominicks booklet by the Dairy case, so there is a nice Tillamook coupon in there. We go through that stuff like crazy.

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