Proof That CVS Loves Us: $2/2 Body Wash Coupons from the Coupon Printer

This morning I headed over to my neighborhood CVS with much excitement to do the Nivea deal and restock my dwindling ExtraBucks wallet. I was helped by the manager of the whole store, and I told him about this blog, so Hi Nader or Nader's wife! If you are reading this.

Now that the meet and greet is over, the big news from my trip: The CVS coupon printer is spitting out $2/2 body wash store coupons! I scanned three different cards and each one got the coupon. That cuts the out of pocket for this deal to about $1.60 if you don't have the coupons from All You magazine, or 87 cents if you have them!

(UPDATED TO ADD: If you get a different coupon from the printer, try scanning your card again. The generic CVS coupons like this generally come out last, sometimes after scanning your card several times.)

Here's what I did:

2 sparkly Nivea bodywash @ $4.88 each (spend $15, get $5 ECB)

2 Nivea lip balm @ $2.99 each

1 pack Depends underpants @ $6.99 (free after $6.99 ECB)

2 two-packs Reach toothbrushes @ $3.99 each ($2 ECB each)


Pre-coupon total, aka the Price for Suckers: $30.71

Coupons: $5/$30 CVS from email, $2/1 body wash from coupon printer; buy one, get one Nivea body wash from May All You ($4.88); $4/1 Nivea body wash from today's 5/2 RedPlum; buy one, get one Nivea lip balm from May All You ($2.99); $1/1 Nivea lip balm from today's 5/2 RedPlum; $2/1 Depends printable coupon; buy one, get one Reach toothbrush from 1/3 RedPlum ($3.99).

Total coupon value: $25.88

So your after-coupon total should be $4.83 plus tax

Extra Care Bucks earned: $5 for Nivea, $6.99 for Depends, $4 for Reach = $15.99

Total profit: $11.16!

I could have done $1 better if I'd bought floss instead of toothbrushes, but turns out Epu actually needs an extra toothbrush for his gym bag so there you go. We have lots and lots of floss.

Now, what do do with the body wash and Depends? Donation bin, of course. Lip balm I can always use.



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JenK said:


Bummer - just went to CVS and no $2 on 2 coupon for me from the printer. Only had one card with me as DH has kids+my keys (with card). I used the BOGOs from All You, so 2 sparkly body washes + 2 lip balms was $2 and change. Got $5 ECBs. Giving away the body wash to my neice because I have about 15 left from the Olay/Razor deal at Target!

aditd said:

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Thanks for the tip. I'll use it when updating

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