Grocery Deal Updates

In addition to the weekly deals I listed for Jewel-Osco and Dominick's, some late-breaking news:

1. CheezIts are actually free at Dominick's through Saturday. I pointed out earlier that they are 99 cents a box, and that Jewel-Osco has a coupon for $2/2 in this week's ad. Can anyone do that math better than I did when I said this would make them 50 cents? (Instead of being boring and blaming my 3 crazy kids for distracting me, I blame Canada.) 

2. Julie of Clever Couponing reports that that $1/1 7-Up printable coupon is still available (now gone -- but apparently this is a weekly thing? Try again later, I'd say!), so free 7-Up 2 Liters at either Dominick's (all week with Super Coupon) or Jewel (through Saturday). She also points out that Motrin PM is $2.99 at Jewel, so the $3/1 from the 4/18 RedPlum makes it free.

3. Mashup Mom points out that there could be crazy overage at Dominick's with overlapping Windex deals. I may try this! I'm feeling about that crazy this week! (UPDATE: IT WORKS!)

4. I just realized that the Letter Carrier food drive is next Saturday, May 8. That makes me wonder if I have time to go back to Jewel-Osco tonight for more free soup. (Answer: No, I don't! But I might, still.)

5. OK this ain't a deal but can I mention why I love Trader Joe's so?

Reason A: While shopping there today all I had to do was mention that I'd gotten some bad apples in my last purchase of organic pink ladies and the manager ran back and got me a free bag. No receipt, no return of the produce needed.

Reason B: Those cashiers are like free psychologists, I swear to God. Somehow today instead of a young hipster/unemployed actor I got a mom of grown kids -- just the person to confide in that Toth has been on a nursing strike for two days now. OK, maybe nobody needs to hear about my mammary problems, but Nice TJs Cashier sure acted interested and sympathetic.



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christina said:

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i routinely have problems with trader joe's produce. i have never gotten a bag of organic avocados that at least one (if not three) was not bad. the same thing with organic sweet potato bags. and one the i got a red bell pepper there that looked great on the inside, but was moldy on the inside!

not that this has prevented my continued shopping at trader joe's, i just tend to get my produce elsewhere, and when i get it there I am very careful and use it quickly. also, i get nonorganic avocado. i have much better luck with them.

i might try mentioning it, because keeping the rotting food and taking back the next time i go is not an option.

Rachel said:


The Crazy Windex Deal works! Did it this morning -- four for -$.67 with $4.00 back in cats. Crazy. :)

srfagan said:

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Yeay, I can finally comment! My youngest went on a 3 day nursing strike when she was 9 months old. I just kept her very close to me, fed her a lot of wet food and she finally came around and then popped out 4 teeth. Good luck! And thanks for all the deals! I love your blog, you and I are kindred spirits in many ways.

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