Free Ralph's World Concert



Ralph Covert of Ralph's World (he's one of these kiddie entertainers) will do a free concert in Algonquin on Thursday (March 18) at 1 p.m.

It's a promo at the Toys R Us there, sponsored by Huggies Pull-Ups to promote their "potty dance," which is supposed to help "keep your toddler happily motivated" to get toilet trained.

Is it just me, or is a diaper company the last person you would turn to for help potty training? I have no evidence of a nefarious plot here, but you know that it's in Kimberly-Clark's best interests for us to postpone potty training as long as possible. It reminds me of the "breastfeeding support kits" that the formula companies hand out to new mothers. Although I can't deny that Pull-Ups are helpful during the potty training phase, especially during sleep, it's been my experience that the only way to really get my kids to use the toilet is to get rid of all diapers, whether they're marketed for "big kids" or babies, as soon as possible.



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