Groupon for Groceries? Ooh.



Today's Groupon is a 52% discount off groceries -- right up our alley, right, Frugalistas?

Well, sort of. It's at a fancy schmancy grocery store -- August a Grocery Store in Wicker Park.

 $12 gets you a $25 gift certificate to the store, which carries natural and organic produce, meats and cheeses. Well, you know, I like to buy organic stuff, and there are certain fancy items -- like tomatoes in glass jars instead of cans, that I have been looking for an affordable way to acquire. I would probably get this if I lived closer to August, even though I woudln't be surprised if my $12 spent on the Groupon got me the same or less organic produce as I could get at Trader Joe's for the same.



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mccutct said:

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Why comment at all on this? You just smeared the merchant as being over priced without doing any reporting. Even if you won't bother to travel to the store, you could have given them a call to check out their prices. Lazy.

Caitlin Giles said:


Wishing I saw this post a few days ago -- live right near this store. That's what I get for not reading Frugalista every day. Lesson learned.

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