Reminding Me Why I Love CVS


After a typically trying day with the kids, I slipped out for a little CVS fun. I had a $4/$20 coupon from my email burning a hole in my coupon file and 30 minutes before Grey's Anatomy.

I got all this for $2.70 out of pocket. That was all tax. The actual cost of the stuff I paid with  $12 ExtraBucks slip, and I got $13 ExtraBucks back. So in that way, you could say it was all free. Here's what I "bought":

5 boxes Nabisco crackers $10 ($3 ECBs when you spend $10)

2 tubes Neutrogena Norwegian Formula lotion $9.18 ($5 ECBs when you buy 2)

3 tubes Nivea lip balm $8.97 ($5 when you spend $10)

1 tube Nivea lip gloss $3.99

Physician's Formula Organic lip gloss $1.99

Physician's Formula Organic lipstick $1.99

Dove Peanut Butter bar 50 cents

Twix bar                       50 cents (filler)

Snickers                      89 cents (filler)


 TOTAL:                    $38.01

$26 coupons used: $4/$20 CVS email coupon, two $2/2 Nabisco coupons, $1/1 Nabisco coupon, $2/1 store Neutrogena coupon, $1/1 Neutrogena coupon, $2/1 store coupon (free Dove bar, was only supposed to take off the 50 cents I spent on the bar but it said "up to $2); two $1/1 Nivea coupons, two bogo Nivea coupons that took off a total of $5.98; $3/1 Physicians Formula coupon; $1/1 Physician's Formula coupon.

Balance: $12.03 + $2.67 tax, paid with a $12 ECB and $2.70 cash. Received $13 ExtraBucks.

Highlights of the trip: Right after I noticed that my favorite hand lotion, which I use a ton of, was part of an ExtraBucks offer this week, I got a $2/1 store coupon for it from the machine! Some people have to go to casinos to get that rush, but I just have to scan my CVS card, lol. Also, free Physician's Formula makeups because they are on clearance for 75% off. I had two $3/1 coupons and it looks like the cashier used one and then gave me a random $1/1 coupon to make them both free without overage.



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Heron said:

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Congratulations on your successful bargain hunting. I rarely go into CVS, because the employees don't seem to give a rip, and the checkouts are understaffed.

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