Today's Groupon: A Day of Bliss at Soothe Your Senses Day Spa

Today's Groupon is a certificate for a pedicure, steam, massage and facial at Soothe Your Senses Day Spa.

The first Groupon I ever bought was a gift certificate for Soothe Your Senses Day Spa. I think it was three services for $100. After I bought it, I kind of regretted it because this place is way up in Edgewater and I live in Oak Park and had a (then) brand-new baby who doesn't take a bottle and how was I ever going to get that far from my home sans baby three times to get these much-needed massages I'd paid for.

But then, around Halloween, I redeemed my first massage and all regret evaporated. The woman who worked on me was so attentive and kind, not to mention good at massaging, that the small amount of maneuvering it had taken to get to that table (finding a Saturday we were already heading north, having one kid with her grandparents and having my husband take the other two for a long walk over to Devon to get Indian food for lunch) was worth it.

So anyhoo, I definitely recommend this place. I'm not buying today because I still have two more massages to somehow get myself to. But I can't wait to have them.

Today's offer on Groupon is a little different: Four services all in one day for $99, which is half price. You get a massage, a facial, a steam and a pedicure.



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