Three 85-cent Sunday Papers Will Get Me $60 in Free Loot


I just returned from Menards, where I picked up three Sunday papers at 85 cents apiece. How? Why? Read on.


How: Menards' regular price for the Sunday Tribune is $1, so if we are going to be there and it is a good week for coupon inserts I always pick up a few extras. But a commenter on Mashup Mom tipped me off that starting today, Menards will take 15% off your entire purchase if you buy and put the stuff in one of their reusable shopping bags (98 cents).

$1 minus 15% discount equals 85 cent papers. Isn't it nice that I can get excited over these little things?

Why: This week there are five coupon inserts: two RedPlum, two SmartSource and a General Mills.

One of the SmartSources, in particular, has something I want: a $2.50 coupon for Electrasol Finish, those little tablets you can put in your dishwasher. In the past we have had a lot of trouble with crud remaining on our dishes after the machine is run. Then awhile back (last summer?) CVS had an ExtraBucks deal that made Electrasol a moneymaker after this same $2.50/1 coupon. I grabbed a few boxes then, and found that these little things mostly solve our dishwasher problem. End of unpaid product endorsement!

So, this week Walgreens has Electrasol tablets for $2.49 after Register Rewards. Which means, I got three papers, I get three 20-count boxes for free! Wahoo!

Other nice things in tomorrow's inserts:

$1/1 ANY GE Energy Smart, Reveal or Edison bulbs -- which means you can get a FREE bulb at CVS this week: buy one at $2.99, use coupon to make it $1.99, get $2 Extra Bucks

$3/1 Target coupon for 92-count or larger Huggies diapers (which can be combined with a manufacturer's coupon)

$1/1 Johnson & Johnson First Aid kit, which can get you one of those handy little 99 cent kits for free at CVS and probably other stores

$1/1 Any Band-Aid product, and Band-Aids sometimes go on sale for $1

$1/1 Johnson's Baby product, which can get you a bar of kids' soap at many stores. Also  $1/1 Johnson's Body Care product, which may work for the same

Buy one, get one free Stayfree, which often works great with CVS ExtraBucks deals or of coures a buy one, get one sale

$2/1 Viactiv Chews

$2/1 All detergent

$5/2 AND $2/1 Nivea lotion, plus buy one, get one free Nivea lip product, all of which should work great with this week's "spend $10 on Nivea, get $5 Extra Bucks" offer at CVS.

Buy 2 SoyJoy, get one free, and $2/10 SoyJoy -- CVS has ExtraBucks deals on these several times a year and although most people think they're gross, my 2-year-old loves them

Buy one, get one free Oust disinfectant

All this means at least six free items for me that I can really use this week: three free Electrasols worht $3.50 each and three free lightbulbs worth $3 each. I'm also pretty sure I could do that Nivea deal three times over wtih all these coupons, if I were to have time, meaning another $30 worth of Nivea products for free or close to it. I will probably use those Johnson's and J&J coupons for free products as fillers at some point, but they're not that useful to me because I already have plenty of that stuff. In fact I just donated a bunch on New Year's Eve.

Up to $59.50 in freebies I can actually use, though? Not bad for an investment of $2.55!

P.S. At Menards, Christmas stuff was all 50% off and the bag gave me an additional 15%. Since hardly any of our old lights would work when we pulled them out this year, we decided to make the switch to the LED kind. I got three boxes of LED Christmas lights for next year. Regular price would have been $48 for one 70-light string, one 35-light string, and one string of six light-up Christmas-tree balls -- I paid a little over $20 for all.



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