Transaction Ideas for Freebie-ful Walgreens Midweek Ad


Crystal Paine just posted a couple of scenarios that could earn you $15 (not to mention net 9 free products) at Walgreens this week, based on the mid-week ad they released. They'll be doing that every week until Christmas, by the way.

Here are my own deal ideas. Each transaction will be $25 before coupons, because Walgreens will give you a $5 Register Reward if you spend $25. (A tip: wait until the cashier tells you the total before you hand out the coupons; according to Mashup Mom they may have to press the Total button before entering coupons to make it register that you actually spent $25.) The items I chose will mostly be going into stockings, except the Coke, of course, which is for holiday entertaining.

1. Stocking Stuffers Galore

three 12-packs Diet Coke (for guests) $10 (pays $2 RR, use a $2/3 coupon that was sticking to my last Coke purchase)

one Neutrogena for Men product $4.99 (pays $4.99 RR, use $2/1 from December All You or an expired $1/1 from a Jewel flyer if my Walgreens will take it)

one Scunci accessory $2 (pays $2 RR)

one Renu Twin Pack $9.99 (pays $9.99 RR, use $2/1 printable)

Total: $26.98, minus $6 coupons = $21 out of pocket, receive $5 RR for spending $25, $2 RR for Coke, $4.99 RR for Neutrogena, $2 RR for Scunci and $9.99 RR for Renu

Receive $23.98 RR, a $2.98 profit

2. Stocking Stuffers Redux

Same transaction, except swap in a Just for Men at $7.99 for the Renu and add a filler to push the total over $25 (I like the 35-cent caramels at the counter, another stocking stuffer if it doesn't go right into my mouth). My out of pocket will be $1 or $2 more -- $22 or $23 -- because I only have the one Neutrogena coupon. This time around, I should get $21.98 RRs, so this transaction will cost me $1 or so. Oh, but if i have it together enough I can send in for a full rebate on the Just for Men.

If I send in for the rebate, I'll make about $10 on these two transactions. Not as much as Crystal's ideas do, but these are the items I want. (The only item I'll want to dump on Freecycle is the Just for Men.) Don't forget that if you have any Toblerone coupons, you can combined them with a store coupon to get free Toblerone bars, and these free items will help boost your total up to $25. (I was recently outbid on Ebay for a lot of Toblerone coupons, alas.)

Photo by jacreative, used via Creative Commons license. Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World's database.



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Christina M said:

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I tried Crystal's ideas at my Naperville, IL Walgreens and it was not running the Sudafed or Theraflu sales. However, I bought the rest of her mentioned products in one transaction and still came out ahead!

Tim said:

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First off, this was the first time I tried to do RR. I always do Catalinas at Jewel, but never RR...

I tried to do the deals mentioned, but the coupons for the Sudafed didn't match up so my Walgreens didn't take them (Like Barb had asked "Will the Sudafed PE coupon in the Walgreens ad work for the Sudafed Triple Action?" NO, they didn't let it work). So, then I put together my own.

Trans 1:
Stayfree ($2 w/ 2 RR) [-$1 Mfg Coupon]
Renu ($10 w/ 10 RR) [-$2 Mfg Coupon]
Stimudent ($2 w/ 2 RR)
Just for Men ($7 w/ 7 RR) [-$2 Mfg Coupon]
Neutrogena Men ($5 w/ 5 RR)
+5 RR for over $25

The Asst Mgr was my cashier... and No RR popped up... She voided it and rang it again.... SAME THING! So, she said I could mail in for the RR (She printed the mail in forms from CPU in office) OR ring all for free without charging, give me a rain check for the 5RR, and give me my coupons back.

I chose ring for free and so she did and when she finished the 3rd attempt at the transaction, the RR printed! She obviously kept the RR and tore them up...

So then I did another trans:
Stayfree ($2 w/ 2 RR) [-$1 Mfg Coupon]
Renu ($10 w/ 10 RR) [-$2 Mfg Coupon]
Stimudent ($2 w/ 2 RR)
Just for Men ($7 w/ 7 RR) [-$2 Mfg Coupon]
Conair Brush ($2 w/ 2 RR)
Another $3 of other product I needed
+5 RR for over $25

Total was $25.98, used $5 in coupons. Total before tax $20.98. GOT 28 RR! Still have 1 set of coupons to do again...

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