Jewel Catalina Deal: All This for About $1.64


Today my parents were here for the morning so I slipped out to run a few errands including, of course, Jewel General Mills Catalina runs. I didn't find everything I wanted in stock, but I did end up getting 8 cans of soup, 3 boxes of Kleenex, 16 rolls of paper towels, 5 pounds of flour and two cans of frosting for about $4. The first store I stopped at was near our local kids' consignment shop, where I was dropping off some of the girls' outgrown holiday dresses to sell.

(If you're wondering what a Catalina deal is, read my Catalina primer. Also, both fellow Chicago deal blogger Mashup Mom and My Brain Is Inside Out have recently posted some great answers to common Catalina questions.)

I had enough coupons to pull off a triple-stacked deal of only Scott single-roll paper towels, but of course couponers have been cleaning those things out everywhere so all I found were two rolls. I looked over the few coupons I've had time to clip for the other items and patched together a quick $30 transaction.


*On my way home, I stopped into the store close to my house where I had seen plenty of paper towels yesterday. Sure enough, they still had 22 of them. I took 16 and did another $30 transaction.

The frustrating thing about having done these two transactions separately is that I have been carrying around a $5/$50 coupon that I haven't been able to use because the totals haven't been high enough, even though I picked up some DiGiorno pizzas ($3.50 after printable coupon) at the first stop as well. I will have to get my clip on very soon and get out and do a real triple-stacked transaction before that $5/$50 expires. (Triple-stacked just means you can do this "spend $30, get $15" deal up to three times in one transaction, receiving $45 in Catalina coupons all at once.)

Transaction 1: 10 soups and more for free

4 cans Progresso soup @ $1.99/$1.49 card price = $8.96/$5.96

4 cans Progresso soup @ $2.79/$1.49 card price = $11.16/$5.96

1 Gold Emblem flour @ $3.49/$1.99 card price = $3.49/$1.99

3 boxes Kleenex tissue @ $1.19/$.99 card price = $3.57/$2.97

2 Betty Crocker frosting @ $2.29/$1.69 card price = $4.58/$3.38

Total pre-card price: $31.76

Total Preferred Card price: $20.26

Coupons used: two $.50/1 Betty Crocker frosting from, one $.50/1 Gold Emblem flour from, $1/3 Kleenex from inside diaper box, three $1.10/3 Progresso coupons from and one $1/1 Progresso printable (no longer available). Total coupons = $6.80*

Total paid: $13.46 + tax, received $15 Catalina coupons -- profit of $1.54

* I think I accidentally used one more $1.10/1 Progresso Q than I was entitled to, now that I look back at my receipt. So really this deal should have been close to break even rather than a moneymaker.

Transaction 2: 16 rolls paper towels for $1.64

16 individual rolls Scott paper towels @ $1.99/preferred price $1.29 = $31.84/$20.64

Coupons used: four $1/4 printables from and = $4

I paid $16.64 + tax and got $15 in Catalina coupons back

For some reason the $2/4 Scott coupons that I got from Jewel's CRT printer did not scan -- if so I could have made a tiny profit on this.

That was not a big disappointment -- the big disappointment of this trip was my local store manager. He had called me at home personally before to help with a coupon question, and referred to himself as a walking encyclopedia of coupon knowledge. So today, when I saw him I said hi and called him by name. When he was finished helping a customer, I asked him a coupon question I've been carrying in my pocket for some time: Would his store accept my Walgreens Register Rewards since they are manufacturer's coupons?

He said he'd have to see a RR, so I handed him one as I stood at the checkout with all my Scott paper towels. He said no, they wouldn't be able to take those since they clearly said Walgreen's on them.

Then, he asked to look at the Scott coupons I had just handed to the cashier at the self-check. He read the fine print on them, and told me that because they said "one per purchase," I should really be buying these 16 rolls of paper towels in four separate transactions.

Whaaaa? The store manager isn't aware of the most basic rule of couponing, that you can use one manufacturer's coupon per item or group of items specified? And that "one per purchase" does NOT mean one per transaction?

I very sweetly tried to tell him I was pretty sure it was ok to use more than one in a transaction as long as you bought four paper towels per coupon. He said he'd let me do it this time and he'd call corporate to check. He borrowed one of my coupons to photocopy it.

Um, OK. I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat for the news from corporate on that one.



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Rachel said:


Oy. It's bad enough when the cashiers are stymied by one per purchase, but a manager?

cjsime007 said:


How do you even begin to explain it? I am always caught off guard when they pull that on me. If I was on my feet I would whip out a coupon that says "one per customer" or "one per transaction" to show them the difference

rebecca said:


Is the Scotties coupon from no longer available? when I log into it, it only shows one for TP.

JenK said:


Did my 3rd Jewel catalina today - At the self checkout, the cashier put my coupons in as one "general mdse" or something instead of scanning them, thinking she was going to save herself some time. Uh Uh. My coupons didn't print & she had to consult with the front desk who had to review my preferred card to make sure I wasn't trying too many transactions in one day. Ultimately, she handed me back my 3 $5 cats I was using from earlier this week to make me whole. Point is - WATCH how they do coupons! Two of my 3 transactions were screwed up because of the way they entered them.

Also, restriction-du-jour from the front desk person...only 3 transactions per day as expected, only TWO at the self-checkout. Who knows if this is true but this is what I was told.

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