Udder Covers: A Scam or a Deal? Maybe Neither

It was brought to my attention that there are some complaints out there about the company behind Udder Covers, which I mentioned earlier today is offering a "free" $32 product for only the cost of shipping and handling. There are accusations in some message groups that the company selling the breastfeeding covers, Milk Bands, is a scam company and that people who have ordered from their Web site have seen unauthorized charges on their credit cards afterwards.

After researching the situation online, here's what I found:

1) This coupon code is not a limited time thing. They company apparently wants to sell its nursing covers for $8.95 and offers "free product" coupon codes continually as a clever marketing tactic to get people excited enough to order. (It worked on me!) While everyone whose online report I saw (and I read dozens of posts about this) did receive their nursing cover, some people found that they were cheaply made and not really worth the $32 "full price." Since it appears the company is selling a lot, if not most of, its covers at $8.95, that wouldn't surprise me. However, the competing product, Hooter Hiders/Bebe au Lait, does in fact cost over $30 so it's not an unheard of price for this type of product.

2) There are first-hand accounts online of people who ordered from Udder Covers and subsequently had their credit cards compromised, mostly on Baby Center forums. There are also reports of people who ordered and had no problems, on Baby Center, and on other forums. I asked around and the only person I found who had ordered from them had no problems.

There are accusations out there that the owners of the company are involved in all kinds of Internet fraud, but then there are other folks out there defending them (scroll lower in that same link). Confusing, yes.

The most pertinent thing I saw was that the parent company, Milk Bands, is registered with the Better Business Bureau with a grade of A and only three complaints, all of which were delivery issues and were resolved.

If all these other people believe they were fraud victims because of this company, why didn't they report them to the BBB? Or maybe they did and the BBB determined there wasn't enough evidence to post them as official complaints? I have no idea.

So, bottom line: This offer probably isn't as great a deal as it appears. I can't say based on the information available that this company will steal from you, but I will say this: I'm glad I used PayPal and not a credit card for my order.



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