Jewel General Mills Catalina Deal: New Sale Prices, Scenarios and Coupons

Thanks to the folks on Couponers Wanted, you can read the whole list of every single item included in the "buy $30, get $15 coupons" Catalina deal at Jewel-Osco right now. However, that list doesn't tell you the sale and Preferred Card prices for those items, which you need to put together transaction scenarios.

Lucky for you, I did a little research today. First, I got the Jewel Wednesday insert, which has a full page of new Preferred prices for this deal on the back (which are supposed to start tomorrow but my Jewel had a lot of these sales already running today). Then, I stopped into my local store to look for some of the pre-card prices.

Here are the ad items, with preferred prices, with pre-card price and coupon match if I have it. Note that some of the pre-card prices I saw on the tag myself, some are from the ad and some gathered elsewhere online; none are guaranteed so watch how they ring up.

Knorr Side Dishes or Lipton Soup Mix 99 cents ($1/3 printable for Knorr Sides, posted on Couponers Wanted by "crazymama.")

Betty Crocker cake mix 99 cents (wasn't there a $.50/1 in the 10/25 inserts?)

Green Giant canned veg 79 cents/pre-card $1.29

Kleenex facial tissue 110 ct. 99 cents/pre-card $1.29 (50 cents/3 on

Progresso broth OR Rich & Hearty soup OR Traditional soup $1.49/the pre-card price people have been reporting is $2.99; that could change with new sales though ($.50/1 printable on and and and Eat Better America.

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes, Green Giant Specialty canned veg, LeSueur veg $1.69

Bugles, Chex Mix or Gardettos $1.69 (50 cents/1 Chex Mix printables on and and

Betty Crocker Hamburger, Chicken and Tuna Helpers $1.79

Viva Paper Towel 1 ct. Big Roll or Cottonelle Moist Wipes Refill $1.99/pre-card $2.69 

General Mills cereals or toaster pastries $1.88

Gold Medal Flour 5 lb. bag, Progresso Bread Crumbs or Betty Crocker potato buds $1.99 (50 cents/1 flour printable and $1/2 Progresso products printable on Eat Better America and other sites)

Fiber One Bars or Chex Mix bars, Lipton tea, Green Giant canned asparagus spears $2.49

Yoplait Yo-Plus, Fiber One or Delights yogurt 4-packs $2.49/pre-card $3.39 ($1/1 printables on all the sites mentioned above, and $1/1 Yo-Plus in the 9/13 General Mills insert)

Pillsbury Big Crescents & Flaky Twists $2.49

Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix $1.99, Skippy Peanut Butter and Wishbone Salad Dressing $1.99, Pillsbury Strudel, Scrambles & Pancakes $2.49

Klondike bars and sandwiches, Breyers ice cream $2.99 (Breyers pre-card $5.99 NOTE THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE PAST WEEK)

Hellmann's Mayo, Shedd's Country Crock Spread $2.99

Ragu pasta sauce $1.99

Totino's Pizza Rolls or Pillsbury Savorings $3.39

Scott paper towels 1 ct. Mega Roll $1.29

Axe or Dove shampoo and conditioner $4.99

Dove or Caress 2-pack bars or Cottonelle moist wipes $2.49

Finally, there are some high-value printables out there for Scotties tissues, which I do NOT see on the UPC list for this deal. However, they are on sale, in fact one variety is on sale for $1 so you can get some free with the coupon. And there are a few "mystery items" on the list where there is a UPC code but no item name. I'm tempted to TRY a $30 transaction with Scotties using these coupons to see if I get Cats.

 $1/1 Scotties tissue

$.50/1 Scotties tissue

(Thanks to Money Saving Mom for posting about the Scotties coupons.)


The scenario that most people have been doing is the Scott single-roll paper towels: Buy 16 (or 31 or 46), use the $1/4 printable coupons from With no coupons, you'd spend $20.64 (plus tax) on 16 of these and get $15 in coupons back -- $5.64 for 16 rolls is a great deal. (Some stores are running out of these but mine still had at least 30 this afternoon. I didn't buy any! I was pulling a sleeping toddler in the wagon and carrying a sleeping infant in the sling and I thought it best not to disturb my little nap train.)

Progresso broth scenario, assuming the pre-card price is still $2.99: Buy 11, pay $16.39, get $15 back. Use 11 50-cent printables (since they are on four different sites that shouldn't be too hard; you can print two copies per computer from each) and you'll be paying just under $11 plus tax and getting the $15 in coupons back.

Yo-Plus or Delights scenario: Buy 9 @ $3.39 pre-card price for a total of $30.51. Pay $22.41 and get the $15 back for a total cost of $7.41. Use 9 $1/1 printables (again, they are on multiple sites so that shouldn't be hard) and you come out $1.59 ahead.

Finally, there are a LOT OF $5/$50 coupons printing out of the Catalina machines lately. I have found two of them, one in a trash can (yep, I'm a garbage digger) and one today hanging out of the printer. These work for anyone, not just the card holder who triggered them. So if you see one, it will make these deals even sweeter.

Coupon matchups courtesty of Hot Coupon World's database.



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natadash said:


Ugh! I'm already sweating where I'm going to fit everything. I did one deal this morning (messed up ... see my blog entry). But, I'm not giving up. I'm gonna get the hang of this. It's nice that I'm learning with Resweater. Does anyone else feel like they're on drugs talking about this sometimes?

Sara said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

I hear DH is going to kill me when he sees how much frosting and Progresso I bring home in the next week. Or maybe he doesn't have to know.

cjsime007 said:


WOW, Thank you for your hard work and efforts!

815Bargains said:

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I'll be putting together a freebie list later. In the meantime, the Target in my area offers 5 cents off for every reusable bag used at checkout! It was printed on my receipt so I phoned to confirm that it is 5 cents for each bag used! Listen up, Jewel!

Kris said:

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The pre-card price on the peanut butter is $2.99. I messed up this deal the other day buying the wrong flavors of soup.

Good luck finding either paper towels or broth. Few stores seem to have any left.

Kaylea said:

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Thanks for this! I especially appreciate all the details because my last Catalina deal flopped. Having so much information in advance to plan a good pre-card-price transaction definitely boosted my willingness to give this one a try....and it worked like a charm! My checker said people had been doing it all day long, and that she was planning to do it herself at the end of her shift. It definitely seems like a lot of people are jumping on broth or breadcrumbs or kleenex at the Roosevelt Road Jewel when I stopped in there tonight, and there wasn't much in the paper towels or yogurt department either!

Everybody be extra careful and check the size/volume on all of your packages so you don't end up with the wrong item. A lot of the sale-sized items were on low shelves (when they were there at all) or not well-marked, while the non-sale items were much easier to find....

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