CVS Trip: Free Milk, Free Nuts, Free Huggies Wipes, Free Everything


You know you're a crazy coupon lady when you realize you're out of milk in the evening and say, "Yay! I'll have to run to the store!"

I thought of running over to Jewel, since the General Mills Catalina deal is in its final days AND I have an $8/$80 coupon that will expire tomorrow, but looking through my remaining coupons I just didn't have it in me. I actually felt like I didn't need any more of the stuff being offered in this deal.

I know. My husband checked my forehead to see if I was running a temp. I hit CVS instead, despite the total lack of ExtraBucks deals that interest me this week. And I STILL managed to walk out with my milk and a $1 profit. OK, I pulled some aces out of my sleeve to pull that off, but still I love when I run out for milk and end up making money.

Here goes:

2 Gold Emblem snack-sized nuts 99 cents x 2 = $1.98

2 Gold Emblem choc-covered macadamias buy one, get one free @ $5.99

1 Green Works spray cleaner $4.29

1 Tide Stain Release $4.49

1 Huggies Natural Care wipes (travel pack) $2.99

1 Dean's milk $2.29

Total: $22.03 + $1.53 tax

Coupons: $5/$20 printable, $2/2 Gold Emblem, $2/$10 CVS purchase, $2/1 Huggies wipes CVS coupon, $.75/1 Huggies wipes manufacturer's coupon, free product Green Works coupon, free product Tide Stain Release coupon, AND get $4ECBs when you spend $20 coupon from Season to Save catalog.

Total coupon value: $20.53 PLUS $4ECBs

I had actually handed in one more $2 coupon, another Gold Emblem nuts $2/2, but I think those always beep when you try to use two in one transaction and the new cashier just kept going without pushing it through. Oh well, if I had gotten that one too I would have gone into the negatives, because after all the coupons I paid $1.50 for the items and $3.03 with tax.

Oh, and I got the free item coupons from the Expo at the BlogHer conference. Have been carrying them around in my coupon file for months, just waiting for a time when I needed free items to boost my total.



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Rachel said:


How'd you use the $2/$10 CVS coupon when you're only at about $8 on CVS brand items?

Carrie Kirby said:


Hm, you're right. Maybe that's the one that beeped. Actually, I don't know that it actually matters if you really spend the $10. I was thinking, $12 for the macadamia nuts but of course it shows up on the receipt as just "one free."
Well, thanks for pointing that out because now I don't feel bad at all about not getting an additional $2 off.

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